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Keanu sings happy birthday, but not to me

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

keanu reevesThat title sounds like a Gershwin song, huh?

Okay, I’ve lived in New York City for over 11 years now and am just as jaded and indifferent to celebrity spotting as the next person.

I walked past Oprah on the street just last week. I once had separate sightings of Dave Chappelle (pre-Chappelle Show days), Q-Tip, and Posdnuos from De La Soul on the same block within 10 minutes of each other. For some odd reason I’ve run into Tom Arnold, Carrie Fisher and Malcolm Gladwell multiple times each.

So why can’t sh*% like this happen to me for a change??? From Gawker Stalker:

Saw Keanu Reeves at The Pinnacle Deli, alone and incognito, then chatting up (in a very friendly manner) a gorgeous titian-haired petite thing who was celebrating her 20th birthday with friends – she approached him shyly and he came to their table and sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her a kiss, then sat down with them. He looks very young and stunning, if somewhat rugged, in person.

He sang to her? Ugh!!!!!

(And by the way yes, Keanu posts now have their own official logo. :) Props to Corbin for coming up with the tagline!)

David Carradine continues to milk the yellowface gig

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Okay, I’m going to blatantly recycle Angry Asian Man’s material here. :) Since he says it best, I’ll leave you with his words:

I saw this commercial months ago, but kept forgetting to write about it… Basically, it’s David Carradine continuing to cash in on public perception that he is some kind of wise Asian man: commercial. Quit faking! You’re not Asian!

LOL! Indeed… Good to see in the comments though, that people are calling Carradine out on it.

Maury paternity test for biracial child

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

I stumbled across this gem on YouTube the other day. It’s an old episode of the Maury show where they do a paternity test to prove what everyone in the audience already thinks: there’s no way this white man can be the father of this mixed-looking child. It’s depressing that to much of America, depictions like these form their impressions of interracial relationships.

I feel so bad for the poor kid. He’s basically on the show to serve as the punchline to everybody’s joke. :(

But this clip also says a lot about how interracial relationships and interracial sex are framed. The focus is on the humiliation of the cuckolded white man, whose wife can’t resist the sexual power of the black man. Not coincidentally, that’s pretty much of the plot of every interracial pornographic film too.

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