Gotta love your babies’ daddies

by Jen Chau
babies daddies teeAnd if you do, here’s a shirt for you. Thanks to Ani for the heads-up. It’s a nice follow-up to the milk bottle shirt that we loved to hate a little while back.

Note the description: yay for different-raced babies?! :| Gee, I guess interracial baby-making is still kitschy, huh?

Girls, do you collect babies? Well, if you do, then celebrate your babies and their various daddies with this fine shirt. Look, all the babies are different races.

“Collect babies” is also a little questionable. :|

Introducing a new project: Anti-Racist Parent

by Jen Chau and Carmen Van Kerckhove

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new project, Anti-Racist Parent. Please head on over to check it out! Anti-Racist Parent is a blog for parents who are committed to raising children with an anti-racist outlook. If you’re a parent who is tired of having your child learn about race and identity through the mixing of neapolitan ice cream :), playing dress-up with national costumes, and absorbing the same handful of sanitized historical facts every single Black/Latino/Native American/Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, this blog is for you.

The Goal
Parents often ask us for resources and express an intense interest in being able to discuss parenting from an anti-racist perspective. We hope that this blog will serve to inform, connect, and support parents as they work to raise their families with a healthy and realistic approach to race and identity.

What it will look like
We will write about the latest news stories related to parenting, with a focus on race. Guest contributors will join in with regular columns to give you their thoughts on parenting. This will be a great aspect of the site since you will hear a diversity of opinions, perspectives and experiences. You may even see an advice column, anecdotes, reviews, and rants….not to mention cute baby/family pictures from time to time. Of course, we will want there to be a dialogue through this blog, so we encourage contributions from you, the reader, as well as any comments or feedback you may have.

Make sure that you receive all posts!
To receive email updates whenever we put up a new post, click here. To subscribe to our RSS feed in your feedreader, click here. No idea what the heck we’re talking about? Not to worry, you’re not alone. Check out this excellent, easy-to-follow explanation of what RSS is all about.

Spread the word
As always, we encourage you to spread the word about our projects to get more people involved in the discussions. Also let us know what you think we should discuss. If you have an idea, we’d love to hear it! Email your feedback, ideas and suggestions to us at!

We look forward to having great discussions and working with you to raise a new generation of anti-racist children!

America’s Next Top Model writers on strike

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

america's next top modelNo wonder this season sucks so much. The writers of America’s Next Top Model are on strike:

Who are we? We are the writers of America’s Next Top Model. We are the people who turn hundreds of hours of footage into engaging episodes of model-drama. We are the shows biggest fans. We are 12 hard working storytellers who helped create a succesful show that makes millions of dollars for the network.

All we want are some basic benefits like health insurance and recognition for the work we do. The Networks are refusing to negotiate with us AT ALL. We have decided to take a stand against the outrageous greed. We are standing up for ourselves as well as for others who work in reality who are also getting a raw deal. We deeply appreciate all your support.

Recap: Monday’s Tyra show on interracial relationships

by guest contributor Nina

tyra show interracial relationships datingSo on Monday I actually watched the Tyra show (which I never do I swear!) and I have to say, it was quite awful. Sure she focused on interracial dating, but other than having people in the audience stand up and verbalize their prejudices towards interracial couples on the stage, and have the couples defend their relationships, there was no depth at all. In fact I think she gave people more names to call those in mixed race relationships. I had never heard of the terms Rice Queen/Potato Queen that are used in the gay community. Thanks Tyra.

Then she had two women go on blind dates. A Korean woman who thought all Asian guys were nerds dated a Filipino. Uncomfortable! And a black woman dated a white man-and this was the worst since they had her take him to a soul food restaurant in a predominantly black neighborhood, and got shots of the patrons giving them the evil eye and the white boy asking how to eat oxtail. The show made me cringe.

But I got to thinking, what is the best way to do a show on racism and prejudice? Perhaps this would be a good Race Changers assignment. Clearly Tyra was not adept at handling this. If you saw the show I would love to hear your thoughts/comments. I reaize that many will say, what can you expect, it’s daytime TV. But should we let the media continue to dumb down important issues?

Brangelina and the Temple of Doom

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

brad pitt angelina jolie pune rickshaw maddoxAs we’ve discussed before on Racialicious, Angelina Jolie has been cast to play Mariane Pearl, the wife of the late murdered journalist Daniel Pearl.

They’re currently shooting the film in Pune, India and the crowds are going crazy:

The couple were chased by photographers, cameramen and reporters, forcing them to turn back after a 20-minute ride that took them past stores in downtown Pune, in western India.[...] Several traffic signals slowed their short rickshaw ride. At every red light, security men traveling in a rickshaw behind jumped out and surrounded the three-wheeler to prevent the media from snapping pictures of Pitt and Jolie.

indiana jones and the temple of doomIs there something familiar about the scene? It was nagging at me but I couldn’t figure it out, until one of the commenters over at Sepia Mutiny made the connection:

Ok, humor me for a second folks. In the picture where they are in the rickshaw don’t Pitt and Jolie look like Harrison Ford and Kate Capshaw in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? Really. The part of Short Round is being played by Maddox.

See here. Re-make!

Bingo! Total 80s flashback! :)

Video of the infamous Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay-Z duet

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

About a week ago, Jay-Z did a special concert at the Albert Hall in London. When it came time to perform “Song Cry,” he teamed up with Gwyneth Paltrow, of all people. Behold the video of this totally bizarre duo. I guess now that Gwyneth is African, she has to show she’s got soul too.

English blog Hecklerspray has more background on the concert and delivers this verdict:

Forget that story yesterday about Screech from Saved By The Bell wiping his shitty fingers over a girl’s face; this is just about the most horrific thing we’ve ever heard all week.

I concur. Gwyneth’s shrieking is quite painful to listen to.

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