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by Latoya Peterson

After I hit up the AAA conference on race, I had to dash over to the Root’s offices to make a 4 PM podcast.  Natalie Hopkinson had kindly invited me to join them on The Confab, The Root’s Podcast.  Here’s the description:

This week on The Confab: Why is Haiti so unlucky? How has new media impacted earthquake relief efforts? And, will someone tell Pat Robertson to please shut up? Plus, the ever-evolving state of race? How possible is it to have a productive discussion. Join The Root‘s media and culture critic Natalie Hopkinson as she talks with managing editor Joel Dreyfuss, Jesse Washington of the Associated Press, Natalie Y. Moore from Chicago Public Radio and Racialicious’ Latoya Peterson.

You can listen to the Confab here.  Regular readers and listeners to ATR will notice that I start to get a bit frustrated midway through.  While I enjoy Natalie Hopkinson’s work, and found Jesse Washington a nice and funny guy, it can be challenging – particularly in a radio/television format – to break down complex ideas about race in a few seconds without getting cut off.

Sometimes, this is just the medium.  I was asked by Jesse Washington who are white professional anti-racists outside of Tim Wise, and I couldn’t think of any off the top of my head. I referred to Nezua, the Unapologetic Mexican as someone who had more experience dealing with white anti-racists, but it came out wrong.  It sounded like I was saying “Nez knows all the white people” when really, I was thinking about this video that he made for News with Nezua (transcript here):

News With Nezua | The White Professional Anti-Racist from nezua on Vimeo.

(Also, see what happens on Nez’s site when he posts this video, and the reaction from a “White Professional Anti-Racist”.)

So there’s that.  But Washington also asked me if I was an “anti racist activist” which actually gave me some pause. Read the Post The Root’s Confab and Random Thoughts About Talking About Race

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