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Wanted: Writers To Talk Race And Parenting, Race And Young People

Image Credit: andjohan

Regular readers of Racialicious’ sister site, Love Isn’t Enough, have likely noticed that it has been quiet around there lately. Thank you to those of you who have written to check in on the LIE team. We’re fine, though a bit overburdened. Love Isn’t Enough has been just a two-person operation, and as many of you know, maintaining a vibrant blogging community takes a lot of work. Between grad school, kids and family, work and…just life…co-editor Julia and I have been having a hard time offering the quality of dialog and information we want to have associated with Love Isn’t Enough.

But we believe in LIE. We really do. There are few other places where parents and others concerned with social justice can talk about anti-racism and share challenges and best practices of raising good citizens who will actively work toward equality of race, gender, sexuality, etc.

And so we are asking for your help. To maintain and grow LIE, we need to expand our team. Here is just a sampling of ways you can help, even if you only have a little time to give:

  • Senior editor: Oversee the day-to-day of the blog: searching for good content; planning for the future; identifying regular columnists and more.
  • Contributor/Moderator: Willing to take responsibility for at least one day of LIE content, contributing original pieces, promoting content through social media, finding crossposts and moderating to keep the LIE comments section a safe space, and a useful place to discuss race and other social justice issues.
  • Youth correspondents: We’ve long been interested in posting content directly from young people with insightful things to say about race.

If you are willing to join the Love Isn’t Enough team, email us at Please include writing samples and a brief overview of your qualifications. Thank you in advance for your consideration.