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The Racialicious Entertainment Roundup: 4.8-14.13

Scandal may be on a three-week hiatus, but that doesn’t mean we’ve turned off our televisions here at the R. Click in for news on from  Arturo Garcia and me on Idris Elba, Project Runway, and more.

Psy Returns:1,525,247,746 YouTube viewings later, the man behind “Gangnam Style” now attempts to escape One-Hit Wonderville — at least, outside of South Korea.

As Jeff Yang pointed out at The Wall Street Journal, the video for Psy’s new single, “Gentleman,” made its public debut before a crowd of 50,000 in Seoul. So he’s probably not going to be hurting for work, no matter how it’s received in North American markets.

Regardless, at least give Psy some credit for not completely resting on his last hit’s laurels. Because while the video for “Gentleman” revisits many of “Gangnam’s” elements, this is a different kind of parody track. Namely, Psy’s character is a more active–and more unsympathetic–figure this time around, as he trolls virtually everyone around him until meeting his match in Son Ga-In from Brown Eyed Girls. Even if it is a little off-putting at first: Psy’s willingness to make himself an anti-hero, if not an outright villain, is also interesting–the vision makes more sense after reading a translation of the lyrics from PolicyMic:

Hey there

If I’m going to introduce myself

I’m a cool guy with courage, spirit and craziness

What you wanna hear, what you wanna do is me

Damn! Girl! You so freakin sexy!

Yang also notes that the centerpiece dance move is taken from her group’s single, “Abracadabra.” But the question remains: What will “Gentleman” mean for K-pop’s collective commercial fortunes in America? If it gets Psy another hit, great. But will “Abracadabra” and BEG as a whole get more radio play out of it?

How many people are going to start screaming “WestSIIIDE” during the bridge and not the actual lyric, “Wet PSY”? AG

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Scandal Roundtable 3.18: “Molly, You in Danger, Girl”

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As we discovered last week, The Gladiators in Suits aren’t very good when it comes to their personal safety. With Huck and Olivia with head injuries and their hand in a witness death, next week will involve a lot of assessment. Before all the wound licking, join me, Jordan St. John, and my sister Loree Lamour for a deeper assessment of the episode.
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Watch: Our Own Andrea Plaid Talks Scandal With MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry

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If you missed her on Saturday, catch our Associate Editor Andrea Plaid talking about Scandal on MSNBC with Melissa Harris-Perry as part of an all-star “watch party” that delves into, among other topics, the imperfections of Olivia Pope and why they matter.

“For one hour, we’re allowed to walk into a world where there’s a woman who’s powerful and wonderful and amazing and yet has some very problematic things going on in her life,” Andrea explains.

Also on the panel:

  • Heather McGhee, vice-president of policy and outreach for Demos, a public policy group working toward social and economic equality
  • Janet Mock, author and founder of the #GirlsLikeUs project on Twitter
  • Joy-Ann Reid, managing editor of The Grio and a frequent contributor and guest-host for MSNBC

Congrats, Andrea!

P.S. If you need to catch up on last week’s episode, Joseph has your recap right here.

Scandal Recap 3.18: “Molly, You in Danger, Girl”

by Joseph Lamour

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The most frustrating thing about an episode of Scandal for a writer like me is that so much happens in one hour that I struggle not to make a recap a word-for-word script. With that being said, here goes nothing!

Spoilers for Scandal 3.18: “Molly, You in Danger, Girl” are under the cut!

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Scandal Roundtable 2.17: “Snake In The Garden”

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To start, I’m going to veer ever so slightly off the usual topic to suggest some Scandal-related viewing pleasure. Oprah’s Next Chapter did a whole special on Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington, and Judy Smith called “The Real Olivia Pope.”  Although it premiered in November last year (bad TV Editor), it holds some great tidbits. Not to mention all the rah-rahs I cheered at this quartet’s fabulosity. I never realized how very true to life it is that someone like Olivia and only Olivia, handles everyone’s public problems. Fun fact: Fitz is  based on George Bush, Sr. Partially…obviously.

This week, Johnathan Fields, Jordan St. John, and Kendra James discuss episode 2.17, “Snake in the Garden” Spoilers ahead!


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Scandal Roundtable 2.16: “Top Of The Hour”

Hosted by Joseph Lamour and Kendra James

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Kendra: I think, had I been able to do a recap this week, it would have been less snarky than usual. This hiatus return (is three weeks a hiatus?) didn’t feel crammed with shocking! plot! twists! and, because of that, I think it was one of the better episodes this year. It wasn’t slow, but I felt like the story was… measured? Almost as if, by restraining themselves in the writer’s room, they were able to hit fewer sharp and flat notes and the episode benefited from that overall. I was even marginally accepting of Quinn’s presence! Anyhoo, It gives us a lot to talk about this week, from Fitz’s long-suffering secretary, to the morality of cheating, Olivia’s collection of structured white jackets, and everything in between.

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