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Jane the Virgin

The field this fall is crowded.

Making the list of films and TV shows that we want to watch made us exhausted, and we haven’t even looked at books, plays, and comics.

We need reviewers who want to cross-post or contribute pieces. A round-up of what we are keeping an eye on is below. If you want to assist, please send a note with what you want to cover to team AT racialicious DOT com.


Drunk History

This would essentially be a “Watching Drunk History While Brown” segment. The concept for the show is great – but watching drunk, mostly white people narrate history has made for some interesting viewing.

TV Shows

The Red Band Society

Premiere: September 17th, FOX


Premiere: September 22nd, CBS


Premiere: September 22nd, FOX Read the Post Contributor Call: Help Us Review Fall 2014 TV and Movies!