Open Thread: Where Do We Go From Here?

Summer closed with a bang.

Six bangs, to be specific.

The shooting of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson sparked an international uproar. Ferguson, Missouri became the latest chapter in America’s ongoing racial saga, with protests still occurring.

During the break, we followed conversations on Twitter and Tumblr, but we want to hear from you.

How are you feeling?
What does justice look like in Ferguson?
And what happens next, from a racial justice standpoint?

  • PatrickInBeijing

    It has been terrible, but when hasn’t it? The murder of Michael Brown seems to be the straw that has really woken people up (although the hard work of many has laid the ground work for what has followed). I don’t recall a time when issues of race and justice were so seriously examined in the main stream media. And certainly it has not all been positive, but people are speaking up and refusing to be silent, and they serve as inspirations for all of us. This should never have to happen, but the struggle may start to change things. No justice, no peace. And really, this time.

  • JezziJaymes

    Everyday you are hearing more and more about the injustices against our people. And the more people speak out, the more people will continue to speak out! These crimes happen so frequently, and people are tired of turning the other cheek.