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Watch: Pia Glenn Takes On Nick Cannon’s ‘White People Party Music’

By Arturo R. García

This week, Comedian Pia Glenn’s Black Weekend Update webseries took aim at the new Nick Cannon album, White People Party Music, and Cannon’s attempts to both explain that he was “p*ssing people off” while it was “all in fun.”

“You want to p*ss people off? Congratulations.” Glenn says. “But when it comes to issues of race in America, some of us are trying to make change, not just urinate. And we can’t make change if your shenanigans pop up like an arcade token in my roll of quarters when I’m trying to do laundry and not here to play games.”

Thankfully, Glenn rounds up Cannon’s many misfires — and keep an eye out for Cookie Carter, as well.

  • Delevan

    Nick Cannon is a rich black man, with no sense of what it is like to be an average African American in this country outside of his bubble, but you honestly think that white folks need an excuse for racism or that his actions are responsible for white supremacy? Sorry, what he did was the most pathetic attempt at getting attention I have ever seen in a long time, (he might have been put up to do it), but their is no need to do a indirect apology to mainstream America for his stupidity.

    • 9jah

      So rich black people aren’t black people. Sorry, this makes no sense.

  • skilletblonde

    Bravo Ms. Glenn!

  • https://riceballmommy.wordpress.com/ riceballmommy

    The whole Nick Cannon thing bothered me but I couldn’t really put into words exactly why it was wrong, and I was really hoping for a well articulated response. I’m so happy you posted this. I not only agree with what Pia had to say but I learned some new things.