The Walking Dead Roundtable 4.13 “Alone”

Hosted by Jeannie Chan

This week, we catch up with Daryl, Beth, Sacha, Bob, and Maggie. We meet (though we kind of already saw them once before) new bad guys. We find out what it means to be alone. More importantly, our patience with the show gets tested.

Rob: I was very confused by this opener: I thought Bob had gotten split up from Sacha and Maggie somehow, and by his facial hair a week or two had passed, maybe. But when I saw Glenn and Daryl roll up and not know who Bob was I realized it was a flashback, and that we’d never actually seen how he joined them. Was Bob the last survivor of his last two groups because of cowardice? Or something else? (Hopefully it’s not something like he commits mass murder when he’s drunk!) Clever of him to build that gate for the tunnel he slept in, though.

Jeannie: Yeah, it took me waayyyy longer than it should have to realize that this was a flashback. When Glenn and Daryl showed up, I thought that Bob was hallucinating or that we were in some weird alternate universe. Because, you know, that’s.. possible. I do miss that poncho.

Nicole: Same here. I did not realize that was a flashback but I did enjoy hearing Rick’s 3 questions again.

Jeannie: I found it strange that they were so quick to accept Bob into their camp but even stranger that Bob had absolutely no questions for them. How long had he been on his own? What the hell happened to his previous camps? Is he so scared to be alone that he would blindly follow anyone?

Rob: I don’t buy that Beth could hold that heavy crossbow steady. It would be pretty cool if two seasons from now she’s some badass sharpshooter, though.

Nicole: Why not? I think we need to start giving Beth some credit. I like that Daryl said anyone still alive is not a good person. What does that say about him? And Beth?

Jeannie: And how long is she going to be limping around like that? One, if not both, of them are going to get killed if she slows them down like this.

Rob: Bob’s pro tip of the week: you can tell directions based on the sun’s movements, without a working compass. Really, no one else thought of that?

Jeannie: I mean, even I knew that!

Rob: Okay: A trap in the leaves and a house full of food and no dust, and someone’s been beautifying the dead to pass the time [Jeannie: Groossssssss]… Someone has been here very recently. You guys need to get out or wait on the porch. Do not mess with this person’s pig’s feet.

Jeannie: I was so convinced that someone or something was going to grab them when we got that shot of their backs in front of the cupboard. Ugh, I hate being manipulated by television.

Rob: I don’t like all the foreshadowing that Daryl is going to die. Beth saying soon she won’t need him, Daryl laying in a casket…

Jeannie: By all means, Beth, play the piano and sing at the top of your lungs. Don’t think the zombies will be able to find you. Get out of that funeral home already!

Nicole: I agree. I could not handle him dying.

Jeannie: Grossout of the week goes to Maggie digging through this zombie’s guts.

Rob: Okay, Maggie is clever (and also crazy). But while she’s creating waypoints for Glenn, she’s also creating beacons for non-friendly groups who may want to cause them trouble.

Jeannie: I see what you’re saying but if random people are going to come across the same sign on the tracks that they did and decide to head to Terminus, they’ll run into trouble whether or not Maggie leaves messages for Glenn. Who knows what’s in store at Terminus.

Rob: That dog is exactly what I would expect a post-apocalypse dog to look like: one eye and skinny.

Nicole: If they can housebreak the dog they will be living the post-apocalyptic American dream.

Jeannie: Where the hell did it even come from?

Nicole: Daryl has become very human and vulnerable. I find his expressions to be absolutely touching. And I’m scared for him.

Rob: How did they hear the dog whimper outside but not the 15 walkers who were pressing against the door?? Great sequence after, but the setup was not believable. And what drew so many to the house? Just the fact that a dog was outside? Why did the person who lived here let the dog out at all? Or is it just a random stray? So many logistical questions!

Jeannie. SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. I am running out of patience with this show. What do we know about Daryl? That he grew up hunting, that out of everyone on this show, he’s the most suited to live this kind of lifestyle. So then why should he be making these stupid rookie mistakes? Why would he open that door without checking first? Why would he back himself into a room with no other exit? UGH. Can everyone just find each other on the tracks already? Let’s get this over with.

Rob: I like that, even though Daryl comes off as physically invincible on the show, the writers are putting a sense of danger and uncertainty in his scenes. And even better: if they feel that they can’t kill him off yet, emotionally ravaging him (leaving him split up from Beth as the “last man standing,” for example) increases the danger for his character in a different way than walkers ever could.

Nicole: I’m getting a little bothered by the group being in danger by following Maggie’s agenda. It reminds me of season one where Rick (subconsciously) swayed everyone to his needs, basically to keep Lori and Carl alive. I would search for my spouse too but I don’t 100% understand why Bob is so deadset on following her even to the point of abandoning Sacha. Anyone else bothered by this? Or feel differently than me?

Rob: I think Bob’s agenda is to keep the group as large as possible to minimize the chances of him being alone again. He went with Maggie instead of Sacha because Maggie wants to find their friends and have something of a family again. Sacha’s way would have a group of three living together indefinitely, and even living in a group of three can be lonely. It seems to me that Bob is looking for more than survival and living day-to-day, and Maggie’s errand aligns closer with that way of thinking.

Jeannie: I think this brings us full circle to the opening scene. Bob really just does not want to be alone. So I kinda can see why he’s so adamant about following Maggie. It’s really the hope that the road will lead to the entire camp that’s driving this. But that’s assuming that he catches up with Maggie, that they both survive, that they make it to Terminus and it isn’t hell, that anyone else has survived, that anyone else will have gone there. That’s a lot of ifs when Sacha is RIGHT THERE. And now SHE’S all alone and alone with the belief that everyone she knows and loves is dead. This quiet brief moment in which she falls apart and kind of whimper cries to herself is just perfect. This is how you build character. Not with some stupid drinking game exposition scene. Do they give scenes to different writers and then just mash everything up at the end? Jeez.

Rob: Are these the guys from Rick’s house? I was looking for a bouncy ball. I thought the group from the house was a smaller group. Good thing they didn’t find Daryl and Beth. I’d hate to see what these guys what have put Beth through.

Jeannie: It is the same group. The guy Daryl decked in the face was the same guy who was out on the porch. If they were the ones who took Beth….

Nicole: Terminus = the end. dun dun dun.

Rob: Clearly the group that found Daryl will find Maggie’s messages and invade Terminus, or at least cause a great deal of havoc. That’s assuming Terminus isn’t a trap to begin with.

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