Images: Bring Them Home event for immigration reform at the Otay border crossing

By Guest Contributor Brooke Binkowski, cross-posted from

Border Patrol, with protesters behind them on US soil.

A rally at the U.S.-Mexico’s Otay border crossing Monday morning aimed to reunite families pulled apart by deportations.

Immigration activist Elvira Arellano was a former resident at a Chicago sanctuary before being deported to Mexico.

Young DREAMers and their families joined and crossed into Mexico, where they were met by other groups (along with some of Los Otros DREAMers) before trying to cross back into the United States. About 30 applied for asylum in the co-ordinated effort and were being processed by border officials by the end of the event.

The National Immigrant Youth Alliance organized the third and largest #BringThemHome event, pushing for comprehensive immigration reform. About 150 people on both sides of the border waved signs and chanted, “Bring them home!” and “No estan solos!” (They are not alone!).

There will be more events throughout the week.

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  • boBisa

    this is great! one of my friends from college works for an amazing non profit that helps kids process their applications for DACA and DACA renewals. if you are a DREAMer or know of anyone who needs help, visit Educators for Fair Consideration. Site is bi-lingual, there are scholarships for undocumented students, it’s a great organization :) Keep DREAMing!