Scandal 311a

Open Thread: Scandal 3.11, ‘Ride, Sally, Ride’

By Arturo R. García

Our own Kendra James will have a proper review Monday morning, but we figured we’d get the ball rolling and gather your first thoughts on the Scandal spring premiere. SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT

  • Are the loops closing tightly enough around our gang of merry miscreants?
  • So it looks like Rowan will be sticking around. What’s the odds he ends up teaming with Maya? (aka The Worst Possible Thing That Could Happen To Olivia.)
  • Speaking of Rowan, anybody else note the enunciation when he mentioned the White House?
  • And speaking of Maya: the scary thing here is, she still hasn’t made a (visible) move.
  • Looks like Cyrus is holding it together for now, and even entering an alliance with Leo. But even if they can keep Cy’s shared secret with Sally buried (which is doubtful), how long before Leo has to share that Sally’s mental stability is increasingly doubtful?
  • I’m just gonna pitch this idea: A Supernatural-style tee featuring Dan Bucatinsky and Joshua Malina has to be made. If there’s room for Gladiators, why not #MonsterHunters?
  • Speaking of James, here’s the skinny on the name Publius: “one of four Roman aristocrats who led the overthrow of the monarchy, and became a Roman consul, the colleague of Lucius Junius Brutus in 509 BC, traditionally considered the first year of the Roman Republic. The authors of the Federalist Papers used the pseudonym ‘Publius’ in his honor.”
  • Wow, did I misread the Adnan Salif plot. Who had “Harrison has a tryst and handles a gun” in the office pool this week?
  • Looks like James has reclaimed #WhiteBoo status (for now). But does he know it’s an affair of convenience?
  • And speaking of affairs, it looks like Fitz gets to keep having Olivia around. But now he’s invited another threat to his marriage onto the team. If you thought he needed that drink this week …