Mayor Chokwe Lumumba

Quoted: Civil Rights Leader Chokwe Lumumba (1947-2014) on Jackson, Mississippi

I should say that people should take a note of Jackson, because we have suffered some of the worst kinds of abuses in history, but we’re about to make some advances and some strides in the development of human rights and the protection of human rights that I think have not been seen in other parts of the country. And I want to caution folks that we’ve got to be careful now when we talk about any one particular place in the United States.

All over, we’ve seen intense oppression. I’m from Detroit, initially, and we’ve seen a lot of oppression there, historically as well as currently. New York has certainly seen its share. Washington, D.C., has seen its share. So, we don’t want to be like people on different plantations arguing about which plantation is worse. What we have to do is to correct the whole problem, and we’re about correcting the problem here in Jackson. And we’re going to be inviting people to come here, and people want to come here, in order to participate in the struggle forward.

June 6, 2013.

  • Michelle Kirkwood

    Both me and my activist friend met Mr. Lumumba about a year and a half ago at a community forum in Detroit and wanted him to work with us because of his own activist history—we’re thought he’d be perfect for our community group,since he was a lawyer. He explained that he was mainly based in Mississippi now, but he still had an office in the D. I was glad to hear last year that he’d gotten elected Mayor of Jackson, where he lived—-I was just sad that my friend, who passed away last June from health complications,wasn’t here to celebrate —he would have been glad to hear about Mr. Lumumba’s mayoral victory,too. Here’s an article about him from the Detroit Free Press—didn’t know he represented Tupac Shakur in some cases: