Jessica Williams 021814

Video: Jessica Williams breaks down the Michael Dunn verdict

The Dunn verdict is really the cherry on top of the sh*t sundae that is Black History Month. First, We got assigned February — the month nobody wants, the only month that contains the letters ‘F’ and ‘U.’ And then, in case we didn’t get the message, they round out the month by letting another white guy off for gunning down a Black kid. You do know Black History Month isn’t like deer season or turkey season, right? It’s not the month when you’re allowed to shoot Black people.

Sure, [Jordan Davis and his friends] looked unarmed to us. And to the police, and to the other eyewitnesses. But that’s because we’re not wearing fear goggles. That’s the lens through which chronically terrified white people look at Black kids. Like, say, a guy who carries a gun in his glove compartment and thinks Florida juries favor Black people.

Once you put on fear goggles, you’ll hit anything with a bullet.

  • Delevan

    I wish people would stop this bullshit about Black history month being given to us in February as away for the white establishment to give us the finger, they didn’t give us anything. In fact it was Carter G. Woodson,and his organization the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History that forced the white establishment to recognize the contribution of black folks which was the start of black history week. It was chosen in February to commensurate the birth of both Lincoln, Feb. 12th and and the estimated birth of Frederick Douglass Feb. 14th

  • Shazza

    I LOVED that she dropped the mic at the end. She’s great!