Dirt Road with Maple trees by sxc.hu user Krappweis

The Hack is Over!


After weeks of trying to rid 8 years of archives of malicious, Ugg boot selling code, we are back to normal. Apologies for the long absence and delay. All should be well, but if you spot anything that looks strange, email team@racialicious.com.

Thanks to long time community members Porter and Lauren for spending late nights and long weekends combing through files and updating our security.

We begin anew tomorrow.

  • TNBu

    So glad you’re back! I’ve been wondering wth was going on. :)

  • disqus_YNETVqMi6H

    Thank goodness! I missed this blog so much!

  • sharoncullars

    just curious; did you discover who the hacker was? was it some attempt from a racist group or what?

    • sharoncullars

      wow, a down vote for an innocuous question.

      • racialicious

        Don’t know what the downvote is about…

        But yes, we did. Turns out it wasn’t a nefarious racist hate group (though some of those are working SEO in interesting ways). We were targeted because we were popular, with good audience and search rankings. By a company selling or bootlegging Ugg boots. Apparently, this is super common and they’ve hit much larger sites, but it was a totally impersonal hack.

        • sharoncullars

          thanks for the answer. i’ve seen pro-feminists sites attacked too, so i’m always skeptical about a hack.