• croquet

    Oh …. LOL … I am emailing this to my sister-in-law’s husband who likes to complain about reverse racism when I am around.

  • DovSherman

    I usually explain it like this: Imagine a parent punching a three-year-old little girl. That’s child abuse. Now imagine that three-year-old girl punching her parent. That’s reverse child abuse. Reverse racism is like that.

    • JF

      So what you are saying is that white people are adults whereas black people are children? I get what you’re trying to say, but I’m not sure it’s a wise way to explain it because children are NOT the equals of adults (they are not fully-formed individuals; not as smart, not as strong, not as wise and they live under the legal authority of their parents).

      The dictionnary defines racism as ‘prejudice against a person or group because of a difference of race or of cultural or ethnic background’. While this means the expression ‘reverse racism’ makes absolutely no sense, and it also means any race, culture, or ethny can in principle be the victim of racism to different degree.

      There is obviously an important difference between racism against blacks and whites not only because of the context Mr Rahman gives, but more importantly because of the consequence of this racism. So yes, racism against a disempowered community is inexcusable, especially when coming from the community who disempowered them (adding insult to injury – litterally). But denying that some members of a minority group (myself included) can sometimes have a racist attitude against members of the majority is not helping things along the road to reconciliation. I don’t think WASPs really suffer from the little racism they are “victims” of because they do pull all the strings and are self-confident enough this does not alter their self-perception, but it is racism (not reverse racism) nonetheless and we should ALL fight racism in ALL its forms… first and foremost the gravest of all: against black people (in USA).

  • Ellington

    So funny, and so true! Love this and I am going to post this to my FB. : )

  • http://www.examiner.com/family-in-new-york/rahela-choudhury RCHOUDH

    Loved it thanks!

  • marshall

    That is great for a lot of reasons, but as a perk HE IS FINE. IS HE SINGLE?!

    • Medusa

      He is married.

      • nicthommi

        Dang…I was going to say, oh, I need to marry him.

  • Denise Alden

    Wow. Love this dude!

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    LOVE! Posted this on my FB this morning. I expect no comments. All my friends either agree, or don’t want to discuss it with me.

  • Rachel

    *standing ovation*

  • Rachel

    *standing ovation*