The Scandal Mid-Season Finale Prediction Thread

By Arturo R. García

We’re scared to look, too, Liv.

Since we didn’t have a first-run episode of Scandal last week — something about a holiday? — this is a good time to stop and cast our best guesses for this coming Thursday’s mid-season finale. A few questions to get us started, based on our last visit with our group of antiheroes and villains:

  • We got the first glimpse of the reunion between Olivia and Mrs. Pope. Will we finally get to hear what she could have done to “merit” being thrown in a secret underground prison — by her husband?
  • Cyrus’ plan to offer up James as bait for a scandal seems to have worked too well. Even if James didn’t fall into the arms of Daniel Langston, what’s the fallout likely to be? And how much does Sally know about her husband’s activities?
  • Quinn earned her burn notice less than a week after becoming a spy. Worst of all, now she’s apparently going to be on the wrong end of a Huck interrogation. What’s the odds Charlie intercedes and sets up a fight for the soul of “Robin”?
  • To the chagrin of most of America, Fitz made his biggest pitch yet for keeping Olivia — her own White Hat House out in the boonies. Problem for him is, Mellie knows (if not about the house, then about their latest tryst). How willing is Mellie to upend his re-election bid by arranging for Olivia to join the team?
  • Who’s the clubhouse favorite for the death pool this season? My money’s still on Harrison, given the sudden amount of attention he’s been getting, with Jake a close second; somebody will have to “pay a price” for all this B613 business.

Racializens, the floor is yours. How do you see this show taking us into the winter break?

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  • Tonya

    i think quinn will tell huck what he wants to know before she gets tortured. She was dying to tell him the night she did it. Only Charlie stopped her.

    As for death, I say Jake too at this point. However, David Rosen could die too (I wouldn’t mind, I feel like he’s irrelevant this season and his only relevance is being Abbey’s boyfriend), but it wouldn’t be that dramatic if he did die.

    I agree, Harrison can’t die quite yet, there’s still the plot with Adnam Salim (sp?) that has to happen where Cyrus was arranging for him to get a Visa and Harrison was all worried about be killed by Salim’s hand. Harrison’s a story that’s coming up and will be dealt with.

    As for Cyrus and James, that was serious hurt on Cyrus’ face and I felt sorry for him for a second (just one because he does too many terrible things to manipulate James and this has gone too far now). But, Cyrus made his own bed by setting that situation up.

    As for Sally, I think she’s smarter than she’s given credit for and she’ll smell this a mile away and somehow will be aware of Cyrus and Mellie’s plot to trap her husband into misbehaving.

    As for Mellie sabotaging the second run for Fitz’s presidency? I think she likes being first lady too much to give that up, no matter if Olivia is up her craw again.

    Mama Pope – woman’s got gumption. Chewing off her own wrists? DAMN! What I’m wondering about that situation from the preview is when Papa Pope is after Mama Pope, what’s he gonna do? Kill her? Olivia already knows she exists now. He can’t just outright kill her and obviously Olivia would know, but then who knows what Rowan would do.

    Can’t wait to see the show on Thursday!

  • jen*

    First off – Jake is going to die. It’s a miracle he’s lasted this long. He is nothing more than a plot device. He will not end up with Olivia, he will not pass “Go”, he will not collect $200. I don’t know -when- he will die, but he will die.

    Quinn, who should’ve died in the explosion at her job in Cali before the show began, won’t die. She probably won’t even be tortured – except for that nasty lick on her face from Huck, who has clearly lost ALL of his marbles. Really and truly, the *only* unacceptable way for Quinn to die is by Huck’s hands. All other methods are on the table. I would accept a freak car accident, stray bullet, or even a bad case of food poisoning. But yeah, Charlie will probably rescue her from Huck, and Huck will have to be contained to keep him from telling Olivia, and it will be a big thing where she has to ask another favor of her father – connecting this boring story with the more interesting one of her family.

    Mama Pope? I got nothing. That lady nearly chewed off her arm to see her kid. I have no idea what she did to get disappeared for however many years. But I’m sure we’ll find out in bits and pieces.

    Mellie’s about the 2nd term, Fitz is only about himself (and his desire to trap Liv in some fantasy relationship that can never happen), and Olivia is deluded because of too much stress and Fitz’s “superpower”. ( Only Shonda knows where this is going.

    As for Cyrus and James? I dunno. James seems very weak, and hasn’t left Cyrus yet, for all the evil he’s done so far…I don’t know if James *has* a limit. This would be way past mine, but I’m not interesting enough to have my life dramatized in a show called Scandal. Cyrus’ penance will be long for this, though. And I don’t think the story will break because of James, if it breaks at all. Sally isn’t done yet.

    Those are my predictions. And I’ll be watching, regardless. But I sure would love it if:
    a – Olivia got a female friend.
    b – Harrison got a better story – more background.
    c – Quinn died.

    • rebster

      I would like to ditto everything in this comment.

    • Medusa

      Yes. Except it wasn’t Quinn’s job where the explosion was, it was at her boyfriend’s job.

      • jen*

        Oh really? I thought they both worked there. Oh well.

  • ddsuber

    They can’t get rid of Harrison because we still don’t have his back story and that would piss off too many female fans. Jake is a more likely target with the rekindling of Olitz. Personally, I’m tired of Quinn. But I feel bad for Huck in having to “work” on his protoge.

  • ddsuber

    They can’t get rid of Harrison because we still don’t have his back story and that would piss off too many female fans. Jake is a more likely target with the rekindling of Olitz. Personally, I’m tired of Quinn. But I feel bad for Huck in having to “work” on his protoge.