The Walking Dead Roundtable discussion for “Live Bait”


Hosted by Jeannie Chan

He’s baaaaaaacckkkk! Sort of. I guess? This week on TWD, we travel back in time to learn what the Governor did last summer. Join me, Ken Hywnn and Nicole Norkin as we try to figure out what the deal is with this Brian Harriet character.

Jeannie: Previously on TWD, we didn’t get a chance to talk about the exciting things that happened, least of all the most exciting 3 seconds of the season so far, as seen below:


so I think it’s only fair that I give us all the chance to get our OMGs out of our system about the Governor returning, especially with AMC giving us this wonderful recap on the Governor’s best moments.  

I’ll go first. OH SHIIIIII—

Nicole: Oh, thank you for starting with this Jeannie, because I definitely let out a tiny squeal at the end of last episode. I actually missed the vengeful pirate. I wonder what he is up to. Plus, that eye patch, is it really necessary? While it’s a defining look for his character, it may even indicate a bit of shame at being beat by Michonne. He is hiding his battle wounds.

Ken: Sooo, I see our friends at TWD decided he hadn’t had enough of the Guv’nor. Just as well since we haven’t had a proper baddie in a while on the show. Although is it just me or are we supposed to start feeling bad for him? Nah, that was only temporary.

Jeannie: Also, I just want to add that I LOLed pretty hard at the Governor’s nonchalant swerve here.


Ken: I’m wondering why these girls even bother? I hate seeing good people go to waste as I’m sure he’s ready to snap and murder every one of these people.

Nicole: I know, I’m completely on edge. I really don’t want him to murder possibly the only four semi-clean looking people still around. Also between the two sisters, I can’t tell which is the tough, street-smart one, if either.

Jeannie: I felt the same way throughout this entire episode. Especially when he was around the little girl. Children seem to be a huge trigger for people on this show. Michonne, the Governor…

Ken: Did she just say “Sketti Rings?”

Nicole: Probably, I’m more thrown off about the meat sticks that really look like pretzel rods, that has to get disgusting after a while. Why did he throw out the Sketti

Rings? What?! Why is he eating cat food? So many unanswered questions.

Nicole: Does he fold himself out of the picture so he can feel like he’s waking up next to his “daughter” and “wife”? This is a tender moment I have to say, he’s less sociopath-ish.

Jeannie: He seemed very disturbed by his reflection in the photo frame (and there’s probably more to it than just horror at his hair situation) so I read this as more of a shameful moment.

Ken: So I’m at a loss, all this trust in the ‘Guv is kind of freakin’ me out a bit.

Jeannie: Seriously. But I’m actually kind of loving this feeling of “will he or won’t he flip out and kill everyone.” This tension is basically the only thing driving this episode for me.

Nicole: Did the guy in the tub try to off himself, but fail?

Jeannie: I think Tara tried to kill him but only managed to shoot him in the chest, which we all know doesn’t kill a zombie. How have these people survived this whole time?! YOU KNOW NOTHING.

Ken: Wow, that lady is super needy. But does the ‘Guv actually have a heart?

Nicole: The ladies like having a big man around. I think she has a crush!

Ken: Old folks home zombies for some reason freak me out even more.

Nicole: So my TV completely spazzed out and I missed this whole scene in the old folks home. Should I be glad? Or sad or mad?

Jeannie: Nicole, you were spared the super sad sight of super slow old folk zombies. It was rather pathetic. I felt sorry for those zombies!

Ken: Is this real life? I’m actually starting to like this guy.

Jeannie: I’m falling under the same spell too, Ken. If connecting with these people, with this little girl isn’t going to trigger the return of our favorite crazy villain, then what will? Is he going to kill these people or not?!


Ken: OK, well that was sudden. But I’m surprised these people hadn’t seen anyone turn before.

Nicole: Me too! They are truly sheltered. Ha, that little girl talked for one whole nano second. Aw.

Ken: Lilly, you’re nuts…and now you’re stuck with him!

Nicole: Hey hey now, Lilly has needs! and yep I was right about that crush.

Jeannie: The Governor is the first man she’s seen in months. And after a haircut and a clean shave? Ohh boy. I mean, I get it. Also, they’re callng her Lilly, right? That’s what I thought I heard. Why is IMDB identifying her as Melody? Argh. Oops.

Ken: Crows…they don’t usually mean well.



Jeannie: Sorry, ya’ll. I had to. It’s just so gross!!

Ken: I’m in love with the new creative ways they are killing zombies this season. The “can opener” zombie death pretty much takes the cake, IMO.

Nicole: It was a “jaw dropping” maneuver! I agree Ken, I love it. The Governor really shows his far superior zombie murdering skills.

Jeannie: The Governor’s got a leg up on zombie kills… ? Haha, I can’t.

Ken: No way…the ‘Guv I guess he’s back. Oxygen tank and all.

Nicole: Was it just me or did that end super abruptly? One minute I think I’m going to get an ounce of closure, the next I’m accidentally watching Talking Dead. Hmph.

Jeannie: It felt pretty abrupt. A lot of jam-packed action in a few short minutes. As most episodes tend to go, I guess. On one hand, this kind of feels like a filler episode – nothing indicates a lack of progression in the story line than jumping back in time, after all – but there wasn’t really a good way of fitting in the Governor’s story if he’s been missing this whole time. All I know is, if we’re going to devote at least two episodes to the Governor’s shenanigans, or attempts to re-invent himself, whatever, there better be complete episode arcs for some of the other characters on the show. Y’all know who I’m talking about.

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