The Walking Dead Roundtable 4.3 “Isolation”



Hosted by Jeannie Chan

Things seem to be picking up speed on The Walking Dead, to put it lightly. My own reaction to last week’s episode can be summed up as such: HOLY CRAP. Your trusty team of Roundtablers (Ken Hwynn, Carly Mitchell, Kiki Smith, and myself) help each other through some dramatic moments. And by that I mean: Carol.


Ken: Soo the mystery continues…who killed Tyrese’s girlfriend? We have a rat in our mix. AND WHO IS FEEDING THE WALKERS?? Yeek! P.S. I can’t get over Carl…”Treeet!”

Kiki: That was an intense first scene. Still upset they killed off Karen. Was totally gunning for something to continue to develop between Tyreese and Karen. But someone totally called that something was going to happen, was it Carly in the first Roundtable this season?

Jeannie: It was just too good to be true!

Carly: On the subject of Tyreese, and the brawl with Rick. I don’t appreciate that the first person we see being cared for and tended to is Rick. I understand he’s had some pretty traumatic experiences, but he wasn’t the one who was in the freshest pain, in the most need, unlike Tyreese, you know?

Kiki: I totally agree, except that might have been why Tyreese was dead determined to bury them before getting treated. Might have been the writer’s way of showing that in addition to that scene with Bob Stookey.

Jeannie: Yeah, I’m pretty sure Tyreese wasn’t aware of his own injuries. The way he was attacking those graves seemed like he still had a LOT of feelings to deal with. I’m glad that we at least see that Bob goes to check on him later. I guess. Also, I get that Hershel is trying to keep Rick motivated, because council or not, for all intents and purposes, Rick is still pretty much the leader of the group. But he basically just had a meltdown. Or a breakdown. Whatever you want to call it, he completely lost control. Are we not going to talk about that? Hey dude, you just held a grieving man down and almost bashed his face in. That’s kind of a problem. Let’s not call this “falling off the wagon.” Hershel’s probably referring to the time he gave up and went into town to get drunk in Season 2 – but let’s not be so quick to compare the two situations, ok? For one thing, they’re completely different.

Kiki: Um yeah. Hershel needs to get his comparisons right. When he “fell off the wagon,” he didn’t nearly kill someone. I thought Rick was heading in the realm of getting to be okay with things. But clearly there’s still something getting him to lash out. Where did that come from? It was kind of out of nowhere.

Jeannie: It feels like it came out of nowhere but I think this break has been building since last week, at the very least. Rick’s need to sacrifice the pigs pushed him to acknowledge that there is no peaceful living in this world. I imagine that between that and the flu breaking out, he’s already in a pretty taxed headspace. It probably would not have taken much to tip him over the edge. So the way in which Karen and David died was just like, mind blowing. Rick went kablooey. Frankly, I don’t know how anyone on this show has been able to keep it together so well. They can’t all be this well-adjusted, come on.


We Need To Talk About Carl

Kiki: Let’s talk about Carl —

Jeannie: WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT CARL. I’m going to keep doing this from now on. Sorry I’m not sorry.



Kiki: Has anyone noticed he might be heading off the deep end as well? I mean, I get it – he’s an angsty pre-teen who wants to do what he wants… But he’s almost obsessed with this whole having a gun issue. Now he’s hinting he wants to be able to use it… buuut on the other hand Rick needs to move back into the present and realize his son: a) knows how to use a gun and get over it and b) being that they’re living in a zombie world, guns are a reality and a necessity for the most part.

Ken: The wounded zombie intrigues me…10 bucks Carl finds some way to do something twisted and strange.

Ken: OK, I lose 10 bucks.

Jeannie: Haha, Ken – if Hershel hadn’t been there playing the role of Jiminy Cricket, you probably would have won those 10 bucks.

Ken: Carol is definitely losing her rocks… DAMMIT CAROL!! STAY IN THE FRICKING PRISON.

Jeannie: I thought that the bicycle wheel contraption thing was a pretty smart distraction. But also super risky! Girl, you see how many walkers there are, right?!

Ken: Oh Carol…putting herself in danger for the greater good of the group. Silly goose.

Kiki: Carol ‘s like the subtle sacrificer. Rarely complains and when she does something amazing, you would almost miss if you blinked. And she’s always there when you need her.


Everyone’s Rooting for Tyreese

Ken: Methinks Tyreese is feeling suicidal…Get your act together Tyreese! Get out of the car!

Kiki: I hope Tyreese finds his way out of that zombie mess. I’ll be reeeeally upset if they off his character. Continued depth from Tyreese, please. Oh, and some more insight into Michonne would be nice. Michonne is now forming some kind of bond or maybe just friendship with Daryl. This could be interesting.

Jeannie: Yeah, at first I was freaking out like, WHAT WAS HE THINKING. I so do not want Tyreese to die. Especially not in a way that makes him seem like he’s giving up. And yeah, Michonne forming a bond with ANYONE on the show is a good thing.

Ken: He made it!

Jeannie: For now…

Carly: I find Tyreese’s story this season so interesting… I really hope they give him more to work with outside of the ‘rage out your emotions.’ His relationship may not have been given any substantial backstory, but maybe it can be the catalyst for a really developed arc? Is that asking too much?

Jeannie: Haha, Carly. I think that is asking for too much… but I do feel like things are improving this season as far as character development goes, so… we’ll see? Did anyone else want to cheer and slow clap when Tyreese told Rick off at the gravesites earlier in the episode though? I love it when people stand up to Rick and call them out on their BS. “All I see you doing is pumping water.” LOLZ. I mean, I know Tyreese can’t see beyond his grief right now, but he’s got a point.

Kiki: I’ve been really excited about the Tyreese development. This miiiight be a POC blossoming into a new principal character? Maybe? In any case, I like where we’re at right now, but it would indeed be cool to hear some more backstory about him.


Please Don’t Die…


Ken: If Glenn dies, we riot!

Carly: Cosign on the riot.

Kiki: Ditto

Ken: Wait, Sasha gets the bug too? This show frustrates me sometimes.

Jeannie: Seriously, if Glenn dies, I’m not watching this show anymore. If Sasha dies, I’m going to be maaaaaad. They better hurry back with those meds!!

Kiki: If they don’t hurry, that’ll be, what, 3 POC’s that have died in the past two episodes? Amirite? Let’s not let this happen!

Ken: Dammit, Doc. You of all people should know not to cough into someone’s face! Herschel, hold it together, my man.

Jeannie: And now everyone’s going to be like, I told you not to go in there! SMH.

Ken: Glenn, my man, keep it together. Countdown until someone from the group dies should start right now… looking pretty ominous.

Jeannie: Pleasedontdiepleasedontdiepleasedontdiepleasedontdie.


We Need to Talk About Carol

Kiki: Oh. OK. Carol was an unexpected twist.

Ken: Carol!!! Our new murder enthusiast. She’s hardening up. I like.

Jeannie: I do too. I’ve been a growing fan of Carol over the last season. I love that she’s become this awesome, badass character. But I thought killing Karen and David was going too far. I don’t want Carol to be this ruthless, villainized woman. When Rick said that there isn’t anything that Carol wouldn’t do to protect them, that kind of helped me see things a little differently. A little. I don’t know how I feel about this, quite honestly. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?

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