Check it out: United Colors of Amani

Amani Starnes’ new web series centers on what it’s like to be an “ethnically ambiguous” actress in Hollywood and the recipient of a host of stereotypes and biases. Starnes writes that she has “dealt with the ‘What are you?’ question her whole life. But what does it mean to be black, white, and everything in between as she navigates the entertainment industry and life in LA? The United Colors of Amani, a comedy with sociological undertones, sheds light on the uncomfortable, awkward, and outrageous constructions of race permeating showbiz.”

Episode 1: The Tryout

  • Miche

    Going to check this out. :) Another web series to check out is “Ask a Slave” which is performed by Azie Dungey who was a history actress where she portrayed a slave on George Washington’s plantation, Mount Vernon, and had to answer questions from the visitors. Her web series shows what kinds of questions were asked and how she answers them in a hilarious way.