Open Thread: The 2013 Emmy Awards

By Arturo R. García

Maybe Damon Wayans said it best about Sunday night:

Surprising? No. But still disconcerting to see play out, both on TV and online, perhaps most vividly after Scandal‘s Kerry Washington lost the award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Series to Homeland star Claire Danes. Not only were regular viewers ticked off, but as Trudy at Gradient Lair pointed out, even Washington’s castmates called the voters out:

Hopefully nobody holds Columbus Short’s remarks against the show when nomination season rolls around again.

The parade of whiteness to the dais turned host Neil Patrick Harris’ remark that “the content has never been more varied” from a throwaway compliment to an outright lie. Even the dance team was all-white:

Actually, Damon, watching that routine, who knew Daft Punk was big in Prohibition-era New York?

Then you had this comment regarding the Washington situation came from Wendell Pierce:

So, another year, another disconcerting reminder of how blissfully viewers will put aside the damning evidence of how ethnocentric network television is for the sake of a few “big surprises.” But what did you think, Racializens?

  • GeeKayGee

    The Emmy, like the Oscars, are incredibly White and excessively White Male dominated. It’s shameful and bizarre. When the best variety show nominations were announced, it seemed like 97% of the writers were white males with a token white woman or non-white person thrown in. Take the winner, Stephen Colbert, Show, out of his, what seemed to be 20 writers, all were white males except for 1 woman, who was white.

    Regarding Washington, I don’t think she was snubbed at all. In fact, I don’t think she should have been nominated. The show, and more pointedly, her acting on the show is not that great. I watch Scandal religiously, but I don’t take it as a high-minded drama cause it’s not. It’s cliche, poorly written, heavy-handed, and melodramatic. It’s much more like a soap opera. I would have much preferred Moss or Wright to win the category. But the main problem isn’t that Washington lost; it’s that there are very few non-white actors on tv shows, much less in leading roles. And often times, the ones in supporting roles have characters that are underdeveloped and remain underdeveloped as other characters grow.

    Now, a real robbery was when Giancarlo Esposito lost to Aaron Paul in the supporting category. Not that Paul wasn’t good, which he is (exceptionally so!), but Esposito OWNED Gus. More importantly, Gus was a temporary character in the show. Esposito really only had 1 shot to get the Emmy for this character.

  • Jasel12

    Honestly I don’t pay attention to the Emmy’s for the same reason Damon Wayans so eloquently pointed out. It’s quite obvious who those awards are for, who is picking the winners and what message they’re sending. I just wish more minority actors and actresses out there would refuse to take part in the charade and stop being used as window dressing to showcase token diversity.

  • jen*

    I hope people don’t get their panties in a bunch about Columbus Short’s tweets. Scandal is amazing. And some of us don’t have the cash for premium channels, so we don’t even know what all the hype is about all the HBO shows.