The Racialicious Links Roundup 9.12.13: The Real Olivia Popes, Florida Foolishness, RIP Demetrius Newton

  • SLIDESHOW:Black Political Operatives on ‘Scandal’ (The Root)

    When it comes to ABC’s Scandal, Johns sees it as one of several shows that attempt to depict life in Washington, D.C. “But there is nothing like being on the ground and influencing the policy that will affect so many American families,” Johns said. “I think we should keep in mind that television often glamorizes the incredibly hard work that so many public servants conduct daily.”

  • Florida man accused of ‘walking on wrong side of the road’ (Raw Story)

    First Coast News reported on Monday that Bobby Wingate was cited by an officer for “walking down the wrong side of the road” during the stop, then punched in the face. When the officer pulled out his Tazer, Wingate called 911 to protect himself.

    “He said do I really want to fight him?” Wingate can be heard telling the emergency dispatcher. “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

  • Demetrius Newton Dead: Longtime Alabama Lawmaker And Civil Rights Attorney Dies (Black Voices)

    “Rep. Newton was a true gentleman and I considered him to be a great friend for the 15 years that I had the honor of knowing him,” Hubbard said. He said Newton was “an intelligent, fair, and kind man as well as a respected and knowledgeable legislator who fought for his district. His 27 years of service to the Alabama Legislature and his incredible impact on the Civil Rights movement will forever be a powerful part of Alabama history.”