Goodbye, Racialicious!

By Andrea Plaid

After being here for five years, it’s time for me to move on, Racialitizens.

Longtime readers remember my starting here as the Sexual Correspondent after my very first post, “What Color Is Your Orgasm?” Then, one of my most talked-about posts had

That's me and Sady Doyle Tiger Beatdown, In These Times) at a Harvard panel for Feminist Coming Out Day.
That’s me and Sady Doyle (Tiger Beatdown, In These Times) at a Harvard panel for Feminist Coming Out Day.

nothing to do with sex, but racialized gender stereotypes, namely about First Lady Michelle Obama as a big-afroed Black militant and President Obama (who was then a presidential candidate) outfitted in gear suggesting that he was a Muslim on the cover of The New Yorker.

Since then, I’ve written about Montana Fisburne’s foray into porn, multiracial swingers cruises, race play (including interviewing the inimitable Mollena Williams!) and John Mayer’s getting into his racism in Playboy, among other topics.

With staff restructuring behind the scenes, I took on the title of Associate Editor and with that, created and co-curated the Tumblr, as well as wrote the Racialicious Crush of the Week column. With that I got to write about such fabulous folks like porn star Keni Styles and filmmaker Mira Nair, as well as interview some extremely cool people like rosa sparks, Scot Nakagawa, and Profs. Blair L.M. Kelly, Tamura Lomax, Heidi Renee Lewis, and Jakeya Carruthers.

Thanks to the incredible opportunities provided by my writing here, I’ve written at other media outlets, like RH Reality Check, Bitch, and On the Issues. I’ve also gotten to give my opinions about race, sex, gender, and pop culture at places like In These Times and Melissa Harris-Perry. Oh yeah! And at, which named me one of the “8 Dynamic Black Women Editors in New Media.”

So, where am I going and what am I doing after this? Well, a few places and things:

1) I’m starting a new blog with Racialicious’ Senior Editor Tami Winfrey Harris called Squeezed Between Feminisms! With our target audience of Gen Xers and a crew of 40- and 50-something feminists of color writing with us, we’ll still be posting about pop culture, but also about race, gender, parenthood, sex and sexualities, and other topics as they intersect with feminism. We already have a Facebook page and will be tweeting very soon (@sbfeminisms), and check out our debut on Sunday, 9/15! To say that we’re excited about it is an understatement!

2) The aforementioned Mollena Williams and I are co-producing an co-directing a documentary about the intraracial politics of Black people and “ashiness,” as some Black folks call dry skin. We started filming back in June and just shot a great segment with fabulous love and life expert Abiola Abrams in Brooklyn! Check out our FB page, stay tuned for our tweets (@ashydocumentary), and please feel free to submit a video about your own “ashy” story at!

3) I haven’t completely walked away from progressive writing collectives. I’m now hanging out with said Dr. Lomax and the rest of the incredible collective at The Feminist Wire!

4) I also compiled some of my posts from Racialicious–and from RH Reality Check and–into an e-book, coming out before year’s end.

5) I’m the featured “lady ” for this month’s episode of Ladypoints, a web series about women doing the creative life on their own terms.

6) I’m an associate producer for Black Folk Don’t!

With all that said, I take my leave, and I leave a bouquet of gratitude to Owner/Editor Latoya Peterson and Racialicious  co-founder Carmen Sognonvi, who let me do my thang with some great guidance and belief in my writing talent, and to you, the Racialicious community, for being the engaging folks you are.

It’s been real, y’all. Take care!


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  • jen*

    Andrea, I’m sorry to see you go, but glad to see I’ll still be able to find you!
    Your wit and commentary has brought a great perspective here. And it was fun to discuss Heroes with you and the rest of the Roundtable back in the day…

    Congrats/Best wishes/Good Luck!

  • Zambos79


    I wish you well, and will be following you. It has been a pleasure reading your posts here, and a breath of fresh air regarding sexuality. I also want to thank you for introducing me to Keni Styles.

    Thanks for everything.


  • Medusa

    Hi Andrea,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your work since you joined the Racialicious team. Congratulations on all the new projects you have going on, and I look forward to continuing to see more from you as you change direction.

  • Michelle Kirkwood

    Good on you,Andrea—I enjoyed your columns, just like I usually enjoy everything else here on Racialicious. Good luck with your new efforts!

  • Val

    Good luck, Andrea!

  • nicthommi

    Hi Andrea!(we have the same first name!) I love your writing and will be definitely following your future work. I love Black Folk Don’t. Saw some college classmates in some of the episodes, and since it’s been a while since I checked the site I look forward to what might have been added since I last looked.

  • yazikus

    I’m a long time reader- and just want to say, I’ve always enjoyed your work! Best of luck in all of your endeavors, and I look forward to checking them all out. Cheers!

  • SuperHyugaYoshichan

    Hello Andrea!
    I follow the Racialicious Tumblr, and I’m on there as March of Tigers! I remember when you signal boosted my first QPoC Summer Spotlight article, which got it a lot of nessecary exposure! I love the weekly R tumblr spotlight, and I really love the Tumblr as well. I hope it keeps on continuing, and I hope the Tumblr Spotlight doesn’t stop! 😀
    Thanks for everything Andrea,