True Blood Open Thread 6.10: “Radioactive”

Hosted By Joseph Lamour

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The True Blood S6 finale ended with a lot of big-ish to enormously relevant moments to Sookie and company. Even with with the Killy Kill McKill mood of season 6, I’m elated to note that all of my favorite old and new characters survived to the credits. Although next season remains to be seen.[/caption]

Before we begin the long journey to accepting that we won’t see Jason Stackhouse’s abs for almost a year, partake in some. SPOILERY FINALE EPISODE TIDBITS for sharing — after the cut.

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Warlow: “In a thousand, two thousand years, you’ll learn to love me.”
Sookie: “I don’t think so!”

  • Warlow: Not my favorite storyline — a twist that really isn’t at all a twist, the foreshadowed villain-turned-bizarre-love interest is revealed to be … a villain after all. Yawn. Is anyone else with me?

    Remember Maryann Forrester? SHE was a villain. With Warlow, did you see all the “twists” coming from a mile away? IMHO, good riddens — Warlow was a big ol meh. Next season’s big bad better make up for this storyline.

  • We’re never going to be rid of Mr. Compton, are we? What do you think of his rescuing Sookie — after some father/daughter real talk care of Jessica?
  • Bummer, the day walking isn’t permanent… are you disappointed like I am? For completely important reasons of course — I’ll never see what Pam would do with a vampire brunch ensemble.
  • Pam flies! Will Tara and Willa fly eventually?
  • What do we think of vampire (and new cast regulars): Violet, Adilyn & Willa?
  • I’m super happy Willa survived this season – A wonderful surprise. Especially since about 15% of the old cast is gone now.
  • Sookie & Alcide huh? They never really did anything what with before… you know: The Steamy Tension Interrupted By His GF Debbie Pelt Who Sookie Shotgunned Into Oblivion. (Puts a damper on flirting — not forever, I guess!) Is this why he was in every episode this season? I thought the wolf story lines this season were not the best either, quite scattered.
  • Melottes ≠ Bellefleur’s. Boo to that, Arlene.

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  • Lettie Mae accepting her vampire daughter caught me totally off guard, but it was A punch right in the feels. I thought it especially poignant. How did you feel about it?
  • Where do you think Eric is?


  • nicthommi

    Yeah, I think the Warlow thing was a fail b/c how could he be good when he nearly killed Niall AND threw him into an alternate dimension to keep him from helping Sookie.
    And I’m still annoyed that Jason nearly gets killed again and it is treated like “oh Jason, there you are.”
    Sookie is the worst sister and friend in the world and yet everyone is always so invested in saving her. Ugh. Just ugh.
    And I think we see a lot of white privilege that her character can run through so many men in such a short period of time and suffer no social consequences for it. Not saying she should, but you know a black woman could not be so free with her lady parts and still be seen as a desirable partner by any men, let alone the whole town like Sookie is.
    I was wondering about Eric b/c in the past, we’ve seen vamps who get burned bury themselves but he happened to be on top of an icy mountain.

    There must be some age at white vamps can fly, but it’s interesting that Pam, who is younger than Bill, can fly when he apparently cannot now that he is no longer “Lilithed.”

  • Clara

    Didn’t Eric glamour Alcide into thinking Sookie was gross, or something like that, a couple of seasons back? That’s why for me the Sookie/Alcide thing took me by surprise, because I thought it would be reasonable for the writers to know their own storylines…

    I thought the character relationship developments in this season were terrible. Characters just got shipped together with, in my opinion, not enough development and not enough screentime together, Sure, there’s enough for them to start sleeping together, but declaring love already? It’s like the writers realized they had an episode limit and freaked out. In particular, I’m talking about Sam/Nicole, Jason/Violet, and even the 5 seconds of Sookie/Warlow romance.

  • Craig_Ranapia

    “Lettie Mae accepting her vampire daughter caught me totally off guard,
    but it was A punch right in the feels. I thought it especially poignant.
    How did you feel about it?”

    It only took six seasons, but if Lettie May can manage some meaningful character development, perhaps the writers can do it for everyone else. (Of course, this being True Blood, I expect it to get flushed down the shitter inside of ten minutes. Like they do with every other remotely interesting character beat or potential plot line.) I’d totally watch the shit out of Tara and La-La nervously waiting for Lettie to turn back into drunk abusive hellbitch… and it doesn’t happen. They finally have a loving stable presence in their lives, and it’s the very last person they expect.

  • effinclassy

    I am still suspicious of Lettie Mae. She has always found a way to screw things up. Moreover, I’m suspicious of the story lines the show always gives Tara! They never let her catch a break. I have my fingers crossed that this time to for real, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    Im not really feeling Violet. She see,s like yet another borderline abusive partner for Jason. (See the werepanthers (just straight up rapists), that hipster girl from the first season, Sarah Newlin.)

    • Miche

      I agree. People refer to Sookie as a “danger whore”, but Jason attracts crazies as well. It must be a Stackhouse thing.

  • cassiehart

    I think Lettie Mae is a carrier, and was trying to off Tara permanently.

  • Miche

    It said that Eric was in Sweden. Remember he caught fire when Warlow’s power died along with him. Obviously, Pam went looking for him.
    I actually thought this finale was a bit lackluster. Past finales were much better. Even the previous episode “Life Matters” was WAY better than this one. The best thing about this one was the exchange between Tara & Lettie Mae and we saw what happened to some of the remaining residents.

  • Misti-Nicole Harper

    “A punch right in the feels.” HAHAHA! Love it. And indeed, ’twas. I expected Lettie Mae to be up to something typically selfish and terrible, but what a wonderful surprise that she was just…Tara’s mama. *tear*

    • nicthommi

      I’m not sure I buy that. I personally think Lettie is a carrier b/c that lady is all kinds of effed up and having her own little perfect twisted life is not enough for her to leave Tara alone.