Open Thread: Help Shape Our Media Coverage For The Fall!

This post brought to you by a first time Netflix user.

This post brought to you by a first time Netflix user with a very telling suggested watching list.

It took me less than one 24 hour cycle to watch a full season of Orange Is The New Black and about 4 days to watch 67 episodes of Nikita. I don’t know how or why I slept on that last one for so long, y’all, but accept my apologies and know that at this rate I’ll be more than caught up in time to provide commentary when the final season starts in January.

My slow uptake on Nikita combined with my, Arturo, and Joseph’s desires to make sure the community is getting the TV and film coverage that they want lead us to ask this:

As we begin the transition into season premieres and Oscars bait releases, what media are you looking to see regularly critiqued, discussed, and recapped this Fall?

You know we’re gonna keep you in the loop on Olivia Pope and her cliffhanger daddy issues, I’m even more committed to the vampires of Mystic Falls now that Janina Gavankar’s been cast on The Vampire Diaries  and once Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore get their show on the air we are so there. While we can’t watch everything, there are obviously some things you just don’t have to worry about. But readers make the R what it is, and we want to make sure you’re staying engaged, so please: shout out your choices in the comments below!

  • LeilaM12

    American Horror Story: Coven for Gabourey Sidibe and Angela Bassett.

  • Rhonda

    I just started getting into The Coddett Project and now I’m addicted to it. I stumbled across it looking for black females on YT and its really really good. Reminds me of a female Dave Chappelle almost. Love to see you guys cover some more fresh and original stuff!

  • Val

    “Hit & Miss” is a British about about a transsexual hit-woman. It’s on Netflix. I just finished watching the first season and would recommend it. It’s really quirky with very interesting characters.

    • marveloracle

      I think I got 2 episodes into that when I’d started (I love Chloe Sevigny and Jonas Armstrong, so it seemed to be a perfect match). Maybe I’ll have the chance to go back and try to finish!

  • Osvaldo Oyola

    Agents of Shield, please!

    • Blunders


  • Parableman

    Once Upon a Time and the Wonderland spinoff.

    • marveloracle

      I wasn’t going to watch the spinoff, but then they announced Naveen Andrews as Jafar, so trust– I’m there!

  • ModernWizard

    I would love to see any sort of critical coverage on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, especially since the whole premise has the 18th-century white Ichabod Crane pissing off his 21st-century WOC partner as a source of much comedy.

    • marveloracle

      I’m really hoping this show is good, given the makeup of the main cast (John Cho, Nicole Beharie, and Orlando Jones!!) so I’ll at least be checking out the pilot. I was surprised by how much I loved The Following last year, so I’m inclined to give FOX a chance again this season.

      • ModernWizard

        John Cho and Nicole Beharie? Awesome! I was going to check it out anyway, but now I’m really excited!!!