Open Thread — True Blood 6.8: “Dead Meat”

Hosted By Joseph Lamour

Read the SPOILERY talking points and discuss the latest episode of True Blood 6.8, “Dead Meat” after the cut.

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  • Did a pang of sadness come over you when Sam cleaned out Terry’s locker? Or in the scenes where Arlene and family were planning fighting over the funeral?
  • There’s a pregnancy now? Nicole just appeared! They’ve had sex like… 90% less than every other character on the show! With Andy and now with Sam, I guess the idea is to not have sex with a new person in town unless you want a family.
  • This pregnancy is also convenient, since Sookie is coming crawling to Sam to propose they be together forever, even though in the last scene she was mumbling about how everyone asks for her eternal hand in marriage and not to “go to the movies”. Little hypocritical, don’t you think? To be fair to her though, Sam was unattached for all of 35 seconds after Luna died.
  • The fight scene between Alcide and Rikki (Kelly Overton): How do we feel about it? I know we’re in a supernatural world, but did anyone else feel a little strange about that gigantic man beating the bejesus out of a woman while people cheered on? They’ve mostly kept physical fights like that out of the show.
  • How do we feel about the way Ms. Suzuki was killed? Hasn’t anyone learned in this bloody world to pretend you’re on the same page as everyone, and then when you’re well out of range, dissent completely and without reserve? Does no mid range character have any sense of self preservation?
  • And while we’re on the subject: Sarah Newlin just killed someone. Her one way ride to religious hypocrite is complete.
  • What do you think of the concept of Sookie becoming a vampire? I think it’d be cool — for about a second. Not too much would change, except her making all the delicious food she makes. Related: I would totally be willing to become a vampire if I could somehow be able to have a slice of cake every now and again. I mean, could anyone ever let that go?

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  • nicthommi

    Oh, I should say well it seems as if Jason must be having safe sex (when it is consensual) b/c he clearly has a lot of sex with a lot of people(and funny that one of the “slowest” characters seems to remember that rule). I don’t read the books and hated the werepanther storyline with Crystal so I don’t want to see any of those people come back but it would seem like Jason probably has some werepanther babies running around the way those women used him as a sex slave.

  • robobt

    Oof, I don’t know how much more I can take of TB. I’m trying really hard to still like it but the writing seems to be getting progressively worse (it’s gone from campy and enjoyably trashy to straight-up terrible soap opera in some scenes — Sarah talking the the mayor’s head, or Sookie and Warlow’s fairyland sexy times, even Jessica’s whole scene with James made me roll my eyes). Eric and Pam seem like the only peops who get good one-liners anymore…sometimes Jason.

    I can forgive most things that frustrate me about the show, but the thing that’s really bugging me is Lafayette’s complete transformation into Mammy. Ever since Jesus died (for no good reason at all…granted, just like [insert character name here]), La has steadily lost all human dimension and been reduced to a super-offensive caricature. I think it’s been discussed here before but it’s just getting worse. Anyone else bothered by that? Or does anyone disagree? I used to LOVE Lafayette, and now I don’t even get what his role is anymore.