• Kraas

    Just because you are using political incorrectness in your comedy doesn’t mean it’s on the same level as “Blazing Saddles”. This vid was excellent. I also like this remark about PC from a video by Oancitizen: “Political correctness, also known as BASIC F*CKING HUMAN DECENCY.”

  • Melanie Victoria

    This is an excellent explanation of what it means to be “politically correct.” I cannot say it any better than he did. Although I quite enjoy swearing myself, if I need to disparage an entire group of people in order to do so then I am exerting privilege and upholding oppressive belief systems; no matter how innocently I meant my comment to be. As the author suggests, we are not opposed to vulgarity- but let’s have equal opportunity vulgarity!

  • Jan Bossing

    I started out not knowing quite what to expect! Then I was shocked a little bit; gasping, even. Then I was crying. Thank you, Guante. How’d ya get so smart and so sensitive, so young? I am in total awe!

  • Rachael Leeson

    Amazing! So spot on, so beautiful, and thoughtful, and perfect. Required viewing for all people, beginning now.


    Great video! And good job on mentioning what can really push people’s buttons!

  • MC

    I was disappointed that he didn’t do his spiel in poetic form. But cool stuff, bro.

  • ahimsa

    I *love* this video. I immediately bookmarked the link for future reference.

    And I laughed when he said something like, “You want to push people’s buttons? Talk about white privilege, rape culture, …” Since I just recently “pushed some buttons” when I mentioned these topics in another online forum, that line really hit home. :-)

    • Kraas

      The problem is that those buttons don’t exist for the people that the kind of trolls he’s talking about want to anger. This guy is brilliant, though.

  • Juan Miller

    He makes a great point about how people who revel in being “un-PC” think they’re being cool and edgy, when in fact they’re being about as mainstream as you can get. If you really want to shock people, talk about white privilege – yes!!!

  • FreeX

    THIS! And Much Love.

  • http://ichoosethesun.com/ ichoosethesun

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I have been attempting to articulate this sentiment for years. It’s not about being politically correct – it really is as simple as plain ole respect.