• nursefluffers

    I would have liked to hear Ms. Cox tell more of her story, also. We heard about her brother and the Oklahoma kids but her, not so much!

  • robobt

    “You play a white straight man in this show, so, as a white straight man, how close to home is your character?” In seriousness, it’s awesome that this happened, and small victories yay. It’s just frustrating to see an entire life reduced to TRANS. The interviewer says Cox has a “truly remarkable” story, and I’m sure she does. I’d love to have heard a little bit of it. I mean, ok, it’s Showbiz, I get it. Maybe I just haven’t watched enough daytime-type television lately so my threshold for dumbed-down interviews is low.

    Also, hmmm, I may have to revisit this show. I started the first episode and I got annoyed by what looked like another take on the insanely fucked-up realworld carceral state from the angle of ‘sweet innocent white person went to jail – NO FAIR’. Also, ‘her manipulative lesbian ex-lover made her do it’ seemed problematic. So…the show’s good?

    • pigmitten

      Give it through ep 3 or 4 before deciding how you feel. The beginning’s a little shaky and I definitely had reservations after the first ep, but it gets better–honestly the other inmates are much more interesting than the main character, and you start to get a lot more about their stories.

      • Shazza

        I felt that way too. My husband has been watching it and told me I’d like it. I gave the first episode a try and wasn’t really moved. After the second episode, I think I’m a bit more open to it. I plan to watch the rest of the season now.