Open Thread: True Blood 6.6: “Don’t You Feel Me”

Hosted by Joseph Lamour


True Blood is really veering off from the books, isn’t it? It’s so different now.

Try as I might to keep myself from repeating a presumably annoying statement, this current season is so very unlike anything in the Charlaine Harris novels. Readers like me had seasons worth of spoilers at our disposal.  And now, I’m just a viewer.Like everyone else. Surprise! Sookie and company can actually throw us a curve ball now and again. 

Rather than a recap, I’ve been thinking about a couple of things regarding the new direction. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments:

  • Where do you think this Warlow plot is going? Do you even care?
    So: he’s evil, but hes pure. But he’s a vampire, but he’s fae, He is danger personified (I’m still not quite getting that from Rob Kazinsky, he’s still giving me innocence as his default face), but he waited thousands upon thousands of years to be with Sookie. But, he killed her parents. But… her parents tried to kill her — one of who tried again as a ghost.  

    This whole fae storyline seems to be filled with things (balls of light! antechambers!) that really add nothing but… pieces of flare to the story.  I was so excited last year when Sookie found her human grandfather in the fae world, because (again, sorry folks) I loved that whole storyline in the books, and well… not so much on screen. Last season, right after Sookie and her grandfather left that realm, that was the last mention of it. The powers-that-be even cast a queen of the fae (played by the should-be-more-famous Rebecca Wisocky) and since Niall, apparently, is the last royal… she may be important. Or a plot hole.

  • DEATH! Or, How do you feel about the death of [Spoiler Alert]? Is it just me, or…
    should is every supporting actor on True Blood  start planning back up gigs? So much death… and confirmation of death: Sadly, the faesome foursome is now simply Adilyn Bellefleur. Fae don’t seem to be very durable. Especially if you consider the Faerie Club Massacre.

    The whole plot leading up to last night’s regarding the character in question made me think a plot device (like, perhaps a fire god?) would provide a reprieve. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. Are they just killing folks off for kicks? Or are they running out of surprises?

  • What does everyone think of Packmaster Jerkface?
    This whole season it feels like they’re just giving Joe Magianello things to say so that Alcide, his abs, and his everything else can make an appearance. I don’t like how quickly power made Alcide a jerk.

    Though, that is what happens in the books.

  • Do we like Willa? 
    Because, I do. I’m hoping she sticks around. She gives me Babyvamp Jessica vibes. Discuss.
  • Foxessa

    Sooks is gonna get preggers and we’ll have to deal with that all season 7. They’ve already jumped all the sharks, some of them several times even. At least Sook got some — such a prolonged dry spell, but then, the actress was pregnant, last year so ….

    I for one cannot tell the difference between Willa and Nora and would prefer them both to Go Away forever. With Sara Newlin, but they should eat her first.

  • Kristen

    I’m kind of over this season. It’s just gone from bad to worse and, to borrow a phrase from Ms. A, way too consumed with “tits and gore.” The costume budget on this show must be laughably small.

    Honestly, as long as they don’t kill off Lafayette – I’ll be okay. Everyone else can go. Even Sookie at this point. At times, it’s like even she is a background, secondary character.

  • Ms. A

    I agree with all of this! So many things that I loved in the books, I’ve pretty much hated in the show – Eric’s amnesia storyline (totally squandered in the show), Sookie’s whole fae storyline, Alcide’s storyline, Cal Norris.

    Yet some things that are new to the show have been pleasant surprises – Bill with power is interesting, as is Warlow. I kind of like giving Sookie more physical power. It’s an interesting shift since she has no particular physical powers in the book, and navigates the entire supernatural world based on her telepathy and her ability to read the room. I think that makes her a more compelling character in the books, but they couldn’t figure out a way to portray that skill set convincingly on an ensemble TV show that’s more concerned with tits and gore.