True Blood Recap 6.4: “At Last”

By Joseph Lamour

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The recap for True Blood 6.4 “At Last” is under the cut!

We start off with Jason unconscious on the floor after getting knocked around by Billith, and while Sookie runs off to call 911 and Niall is off doing whatever skittish Fae kings do, Ben provides us with a new development: he exposes his fangs (!!) and gives Jason his blood. Plot twist! Ben is a faerie vampire. Most likely, he’s also Warlow. Is it just me or should someone like Ben/Warlow be more scary? Cause he isn’t.

With Jason all hopped up on Ben’s V (faerie flavor!), the TB gods give us flashbacks to the days where Jason was always some flavor of naked doing something, or someone was having a homoerotic dream about someone. Elsewhere in the house, however, Sookie goes to clean up the mess of the previous evening and finds a few droplets of blood on the floor. A testament to the new show runner: Sookie figures out that Ben is a vampire (in the very same episode), and sets forth on a plan.

Meanwhile, the Bellefleur Faesome Foursome have aged again, into rambunctious teens, and man how quickly these girls grow up: their first night out, they steal a car, get drunk, seduce a bad boy (Bill counts, right?), and then they’re maybe murdered by Jessica. Bummer.

We find out some interesting True Blood science, thanks to the Compton’s resident captured professor in the basement: there’s something living in faeries that produces the magical properties they and their blood hold. I have a grim premonition that one of the Bellefleur girls will be the victim of an alien autopsy in the next episode.

Ben turns up at Sookie’s house for a romantic meal. He shows up late because, well, he was busy almost murdering her grandfather. She prepared his food with colloidal silver (am I the only one who didn’t know that colloidal silver is an actual thing you can go out and buy?) and he eats the poisoned meal with no effect. Weird.

After dinner, things appear to be getting steamy between Ben and Sookie, and I was all ready to roll my eyes, when she tells Warlow to get off her as she has a light ball ready to blow him up. Good on ya, girl.

And Furthermore…

  • I feel like True Blood is writing their own rules for everything at this point. “Bill can’t be staked!” “He can’t walk into the sun, though!” “This Ben guy can walk in sunlight, though!” “Ben can eat silver!” WTF, right?
  • Is it just me, or does it feel like the casting agents in the Sam storyline said to themselves “Out with the old caramel beauty, in with the new!” Also, isn’t Nicole Wright (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) still mourning the passing of her recently mauled boyfriend from less than 12 hours ago? True Blood, seriously, a single shot of whisky doesn’t speed up time. And I don’t care how hot Sam is; Nicole’s leg was almost torn off. Being intimate that way? Uncomfortable, at best.
  • The whole turning storyline of Eric and Willa was… well it started off great, and it had all the hallmarks of vampire romance: the maiden in white, the vampire in black, the seduction. It was pretty hot, I have to admit. But then right after her vamping, with no preparation, he sends her back to her father. Eric is not much for actually telling people what they should watch out for.
  • Truman Burrell saying “Watch the sky! That peckerwood’s gonna try to fly out.” Fun fact: peckerwood is a racial slur — for white people. It’s also what male white supremacists used to refer to each other.
  • Sarah Newlin and Truman Burrell are dating. Of course.
  • The way Ben/Warlow emptied Niall of his blood into a hotel bathtub was pretty much super gross. I’m glad he didn’t kill him though, and instead, tossed him into that realm characters go when they need to be conveniently out of a story for a while.
  • One more glamoring and Jason is going to be as loopy as Crystal. Maybe they should get together. I’m surprised that hasn’t happened yet.
  • Speaking of Jason. Let’s talk Niall and Warlow. They both seem to care about Sookie, but it appears only Warlow cares about Jason. Do we maybe have the villain and the hero switched here?

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Written by:

  • Adrianne

    “Is it just me, or does it feel like the casting agents in the Sam storyline said to themselves “Out with the old caramel beauty, in with the new!”
    wow. would they do that? really?

  • claire lynette

    Crystal was the werepanther whose whole family raped Jason. Ginger is the poor vampire loving ditz who worked at Fangtasia that can never seem to catch a break. I think that the only reason that Ben can be in the sun is because he is also half fairy. Perhaps that is also why he doesn’t heal like a vampire, can eat human food, and why silver has no affect on him. I am also disappointed in what’s going on between Sam and Nicole: this story line should not be happening. Just an aside I think Bill is sick for kidnapping and getting all sexy with who are essentially his cousins. Sheriff Andy even acknowledges their kinship and has given Bill a pass several times because of it in the past.

    • Shazza

      Yeah, Sam saw Luna die in front of him, isn’t he still mourning her? And Nicole saw her bf killed by werewolves, there’s no need to rush a relationship here. OK the books weren’t well-written but at least they had logic to them and I still say book Sookie is so much more likable than tv Sookie. She couldn’t even be bothered to give up some blood to save Tara.

    • BforReal

      No, Ben heals just like vamps. Watch the episode again: he only fakes the limp and puts on the bandages (that Sookie put on him in the second episode) when he goes around her (and when he first meets Niall). When Jason and Niall attack a very naked Ben in the hotel room, he doesn’t have any bandage on (same for when he’s on the bridge with Niall just before he throws Niall in the portal; there, he has no bandage on his forearm). Yet, when he goes to Sookie later that night, he has the bandages again. He’s faking it so she won’t figure him out, not realizing that she’s already partly figured him out.

      About Sam and Nicole: yeah, totally rushed. And she makes me miss Luna, whom I never cared for. I always wanted Tara and Sam to be together. Oh well.

      About Bill: yup, sicko. I thought the same. I have a feeling that he’s going to do something truly heinous to at least one of those girls. I sincerely hope they are not dead because I’ll never like Jessica’s character again if they are and Andy’s grief will break my heart (although, I blame what Jessica did on Bill; he knew that even vamps as old as Nora can’t control themselves around fae, and Jessica’s practically a baby; I can’t wait until Jessica turns on him, as I know she will once she realizes he’s just an abusive a-hole like her human father was, and worse). I think the only reason Jessica’s sticking with Bill is because she’s used to violent father figures (if you think back to right when she was turned and we are quickly shown that her dad was an abusive jerk who beat her). I hope they redeem her character because she was one of my favorites.

  • sekushinonyanko

    I think maybe Ginger wouldn’t be so nuts if they didn’t constantly fail to turn the glamor off when they’re done. It seems like they just stack them, like I imagine at some point they asked her to pretend she never knows what happens at Fangtasia, and at some point they asked her to just scream a lot so they could use her as an alarm, and at some point they asked her to make lots of crazy eyes so people think she’s nuts and they forgot to turn any of those off, and maybe mixed up which of these things they put on which employee, so now she’s just like that all the time.

  • LeilaM12

    Crystal? Do you mean Ginger? Or did I miss a character?

    • nicthommi

      No, they mean Ginger. Crystal was plenty crazy but it wasn’t from being glamoured like crazy. And I kind of feel like it doesn’t help that both Ginger AND Jason are not exactly the sharpest tacks to begin with.
      Jason is pretty to look at but wow, he is dim.