True Blood Recap 6.2 “The Sun”

By Joseph Lamour


The recap for True Blood 6.2 “The Sun” is under the cut! Spoilers ahead.

Sookie is asleep in her bedroom after a long stint last week complaining, tagging along on extremely dangerous adventures, and escaping without a scratch. On her nightstand, her fairy contract activates with an ominous glow. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure pulls through a portal on the only bridge in Bon Temps where important Stackhouse matters seem to happen. Last week, Jason and Sookie had a fight on it and I’m pretty sure this is the same place where Sookie and Jason’s parents were killed. Warlow is out of whatever dimension he was in, and is now in Bon Temps.


I thought this old guy with Jason was Warlow? It turns out this extremely odd fellow is the Stackhouse fairy grandfather, Niall. Book readers will recognize that name. I for one was hoping that Sookie’s grandfather would be played by David Bowie, but my wish didn’t come true, I guess. I mean if anyone looks like a mythical creature it would be Bowie, amirite?

Niall: “I’m not Warlow. I’m your fucking fairy grandfather.”

Back at Fangtasia, Tara reels in pain because the writers on the show like to hear Rutina Wesley shriek, I think. She has a wound that won’t heal, and after some stomach spelunking by Eric, we find out the government has invented a new anti-vamp weapon: a silver bullet that emits UV light. That’s not nice. That’s like… torture, and won’t kill anyone. Rude. Pam, appropriately, freaks out. Nora and her start fighting, as Pam and Nora are wont to do, but Eric has had enough.

Eric: If the humans want war, we’ll give them war.

Billith, being his super-vampire self, starts having visions of all the suffering of other vampires in the world. I think he’s just going keep getting more powers till we forget all the things he can do. (“So wait… he can control time and survive stakings AND unknot Christmas wire in less than a minute?” — Me in three weeks)

Here we’re supposed to find the vampire struggle on True Blood has tinges of the Civil Rights movement: a vampire is being drug behind a truck. A vampire child also meets his end, although he honestly could be 45 years old for all we know. These “Vampires are like gays and black people… see!!!” moments on True Blood always seem heavy handed to me. Nonetheless, seeing all this is too much for poor Bill and he enters a catatonic state.

In an alternate state where vampires can exist in a Downy commercial, Bill meets Lilith in a field, led in daylight by a scary bizarro version of the Palmer girls. Lillith fills him in on what seems to be the apocalypse. She also tells him he is not a god, and neither is she, and I’m glad that’s been cleared up.

Lilith: God made me as vampire, and Adam and Eve as human. But there is no God but God.

Elsewhere, Sookie on the way to work happens upon a gorgeous stranger. He’s injured, and he’s only alive because he blasted the vampire that attacked him with his lightning fingers. That’s right, he’s also fae. Sookie takes him to her house to get him bandaged up, and there they share deep thoughts — and obvious chemistry.

Ben: You remind me of my first love in high school. You seem nicer though.

The man-cake this girl happens upon. Seriously.


And Furthermore…

  • The first TRUE BLOOD WHY moment of the season: Jessica hires a human edible which results in Bill contorting the woman’s body until her spine breaks and jedi-ing her blood into his mouth. GROSS.
  • Terry and Arlene successfully fool Patrick’s pregnant wife into thinking he ran off with another woman. I guess that’s better than knowing he killed a village full of people.
  • Journee Smolett is on True Blood now, eh? Hopefully someone had a talk with her at Merlotte’s about that horrible Tyler Perry movie she was in. Her character Nicole’s civil rights talk was supposed to make her seem strong but I found myself rolling my eyes at the whole thing.
  • I like this framing of Lafayette as the nurturing character on the show, but I do not like Nu-wolf Buttinsky and how she just decided to lay punches into Laffy. Doesn’t he have that necromancy power? Why didn’t he use it? Is it wrong that I’m going to cheer when her character is killed?
  • Eric as a dweeb was giving me life. I wish there was someone like that in my IT department…
  • While I wish Niall were David Bowie (I’m never letting that go) I do like how funny Rutger Hauer inherently is, and I enjoy how him and Jason have tangible chemistry already. I also like how Mr. Hauer reminds me of Mermaid Man from Spongebob Squarepants.
  • How Sookie keeps her job in this economy boggles the mind.
  • I wonder what Nora found in the vampire bible that has her speeding off. I guess we’ll be finding out next week.
  • Eric’s glamoring of the governor’s daughter will prove interesting, although, I always feel sorry for the innocent pawns in the chess game on True Blood, because they usually end up dead.

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  • BforReal

    I seriously hate the choice for Niall. This guy is not how I pictured the character AT ALL, but I will begrudgingly admit that the actor is quickly winning me over with his humor and delivery. Also, I love Pam and Tara – just needed to say that. Eric is a dork = awesome! Lastly, I don’t think Ben is trustworthy, and I’m not too sure about Bill just yet.

  • nicthommi

    Rutger Hauer’s scary a$$ is an odd choice to play anyone’s fairy anything. I’m like what, was Christopher Walken busy, b/c that’s another dude that is just naturally scary…