True Blood Table For Two: 6.1 “Who Are You, Really?”

Hosted by Joseph Lamour

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So, another season Of True Blood has started! While I was writing the recap, I had an issue or two with possible plot holes and general wolf weirdness and Luna. Oh, Luna. While I haven’t changed my mind on much, I have on the actions behind how Jason reacted in the opener. Carly Mitchell joins me to discuss the episode before Sunday night.

Carly: Let me start with: this Bill freaks me out! It’s no secret I’m team Eric and have been ready for Bill to meet an untimely demise for a while now, but this new scary Bill? I could tolerate his terrorizing for a while.

Joe: I know that eventually he’s going to use his power for good and blah blah, but, the in between part where he kills everyone — not. a. fan. Especially since I know where they’re going to go with his telekinetic powers. He’s definitely going to rip something off of someone and beat them on the head with it. Or worse…

Carly: Uh… that’s all we get with Luna? What was that like 30 seconds?! Also, way to mislead us in the HBO pre-show party, Sam Trammell: “Sure, Luna and I are still going strong” — for 30 seconds of episode 1.

Joe: I cannot get over how short her goodbye was. They could have at least gotten away and she dies in the car, or the forest? Or something? When they get to the bar? It was so haphazardly done, as if she was a minor character. It was honestly a little disrespectful to the character. I would like o think that she’s alive in some other capacity perhaps, but I seriously doubt that given how they treated the oldest faerie in the universe being eaten in 2.1 seconds by Russell.

Carly: Am I the only one who isn’t team Nora? I’m not a fan of her pulling rank over Pam… Pam who has been there for Eric always versus Nora who was all ‘Lilith for the win!’ last season?

Joe: She doesn’t annoy me too much, but I do agree, Eric is devoted to her in a very complete way. I hope they explore why this season.

Carly: This new Jason is such a mess. I’m at once going to come to his defense and condemn how they justify this behavior. In his defense: his hallucinations and bad behavior are seemingly connected to his ‘brain damage’ suffered by the attack from the elder fairy meant for Russell Edgington. To condemn it: is the message that people who are racist and intolerant so because they are brain damaged?

Joe: I wouldn’t put it past the True Blood writers.

Carly: Related – it is exhausting keeping track of all the traumas for each character this many seasons in, not to mention whatever the books have talked about!

Joe: I’m going to be honest… I completely forgot about why Jason has… issues now, but like, everyone gets hurt or almost hurt on this show and survives. Except for Luna. So, there’s that. I just saw Janina Gavinkar on The Goodwin Games, so I’m pretty sure that may be it for her character? Unless she filmed it while on hiatus.

Carly: I actually had to say it aloud last night, I love Pam and Tara being a team, but please, let’s not have this be another relationship in which Tara carries the load.

Joe: I feel like Pam is going to be a mess this season because the Eric/Nora dynamic, and Tara will again be dating a complete mess of a person. She can’t never see this person ever again, though… so… Unless she’s freed from her.

Carly: Jason may be way off on a whole bunch of things but his ‘mind-raping’ accusation is completely valid.

Joe: I mean, I can understand his frustration. If I were living in the land of True Blood, I would never effing go outside at night ever again, I’m telling you that right now. So, he’s brave enough for trying to navigate this world. Even though it’s turning him into a hallucinating bigot. Apparently.

Carly: Billith! Favorite line so far.

Carly: Just based on this Arlene/Andy interaction, I think I’m going to love this human storyline. They teased that it’s going to be a hard season for the humans in the pre-show… Last season, Mirella said Andy is responsible for at least half of the babies surviving. I sure hope those little girls aren’t involved in the human sadness to come!

Joe: I’m fairly certain there will be one adult paid actress in Andy’s care by the end of season 6. It’s just too perfect for this show for it not to be that way. Here’s my prediction: One will run away when she’s teenage size. One will die by doing something stupid like driving a car or something. One will die when a vampire eats her. And number four will be a new character that ends up with Jason. Cause they will be mentally the same age. Fun!

Carly: How are we in exactly the same place with Sookie and Eric? I swear, the script had exactly the same lines in episode one of last season, ‘screw Sookie, let’s get into some other bad plan that still leads to Sookie!’

Joe: I don’t know, but this better change soon. I’m pretty sure she has a new love interest coming soon… where is he?

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  • riceballmommy

    Also the whole Luna’s death moment was ruined by the guard popping up and saying “it’s dead.” It was far too sudden for her character and then any sort of emotional moment that might have been had is now ruined by one dead pan line.

    • Kristen

      That caught me off-guard too, hearing that guy say “it’s dead.” It made me really uncomfortable. I’m hoping that the abrupt departure will be short lived.

  • Kristen

    I am also really going to miss Luna (provided that don’t find some weird way to bring her back). But, a scene I took real issue with was the soft-core porn scene with Alcide in the woods and his girlfriend saying “I’m your head bitch.” What? The whole scene was unnecessary and deeply disturbing.