Open Thread: A Tale Of Two (Racialized) Spoofs

By Andrea Plaid

I really need to figure out why people outside of Black communities stay needing to play around with still-volatile n-word. It just doesn’t go too well, especially when folks want to use it to show how oh-so-edgy they are. Example: here’s a spoof on the going-for-a-hipper-image Kmart commercials that goes for it:

Personally, I’m not here for the hipster racism or the Black person in it as a “The Black Best Friend” justification. But that’s me.

However, below is a parody that I am here for: this fake ad takes on the now-famous Cheerios commercial featuring the mixed-race family. Check it out:

Again, I love it because it further reveals the ridiculousness of the vitriol thrown at the original ad and then dares the racists and homophobes to further reveal their hatred…but that’s just me.

What do you think, readers?

  • Michelle Kirkwood

    Ha ha—that was funny! Talk about sticking it back to the haters! It you think the YouTube comments were of course,despicable, you should see the ones at the Gawker site—even though there’s more pro than con, but some of what is said, I was like, “”What? Somebody actually wrote this s*** for real?”

  • Hassan Basquiat Walker

    I love the second one, the first one made me die a little inside. Just overlooking the GLARING, SEARING, SALTY wound that the commercial opened, they are blatantly ripping off the funnier (and less racist) Sears commercial where the people were “shipping” their pants. (The joke being “ship” sounds like– well you get the idea.) If you’re gonna be evil, at least be original.