Scandal Roundtable 2.22: “White Hat’s Back On”

Hosted by Joe Lamour

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Last week Arturo Garcia deftly laid out what happened during the season finale. Thanks Art! Before we break for the summer, Jordan St. John, Loree Lamour, Johnathan Fields and I talk about the things that surprised and delighted us during the last episode of Scandal Season Two.

Jordan: For a second, I just have to call out this early scene with the Knights of the Fitzian roundtable with special guest – Fitz himself. In this scene, I remain firmly Team Mellie. Can you imagine having your husband openly cheating on you and then, when having a discussion about something illegal you did for the betterment of his (and your) life, he sides with his mistress? Mellie would be well within her rights to call both of them out of their names in the room.

Loree:  Well, well. A lot of things have come to pass. I think the most disturbing is how Quinn is slowly transforming into a little Huck and how you can see Huck is not comfortable about it. Makes me wonder if “the gladiators” are all capable of inflicting that kind of physical pain to another person and even take it to the level of killing and just will plain on do anything for Olivia.

Joe: Yeah, Loree- this goes with my theory from a few weeks ago that Shonda Rhimes or the writers think that literally anyone can become a serial killer if they have a drill and some heartache. I really don’t like the continued assertion.

Jordan: I don’t know about every person being a serial killer, but Olivia Pope does not exactly surround herself with sane people. I think they make a jump here from Quinn liking to trail people to Quinn gleefully drilling into someone’s leg but everyone in Olivia Pope’s world, including Olivia, has to have a stomach for justifying WHATEVER they need to do to get it done. What I found fascinating about the David Rosen storyline wrap up is that he finally proved he belonged. He could have gotten Billy Chambers murdered in a dark room and Rosen chose not to worry about all that. No matter what his new title as District Attorney is, welcome to Pope and Associates.

Normally by now I would assume that you watched the season finale, but the twist ending was so big, I’m putting a SPOILER ALERT here as well! 

Loree:  Also, when that female assassin from B613 came for Olivia and Jake ends up killing her because the guy- I mean- Olivia’s father (!) who gives Jake orders told him to take care of Olivia. It makes me wonder: was the assassin really there to kill Olivia or maybe drug and take her away since we find out that Olivia’s father is the one giving orders to Jake. That floored me!

Jordan: Also, how much does Cyrus know about Olivia’s dad? He got his heart attack right after the double whammy of daddy saying her would take care of Olivia and finding out Reston was in the White House. Did he think her father would kill her?

Johnathan: Loree, you were not alone. I was at a Scandal soiree and everyone in the room’s jaw dropped at the last minute of Scandal. Olivia’s pops was giving Hannibal Lechter with that, “Hello Olivia” though.

Joe: I have to say, Rowan Pope- his character has a full name listed on IMDB, I wonder how long that’s been there- anyway, Joe Morton, the guy who plays Rowan Pope, was Henry Deacon on Eureka, and honestly, it’s freaking me out a bit. His character on Eureka was the nicest guy in the universe! Morton is putting on some Dr. Evil realness.

Jordan: I gotta say, with this whole thing with Olivia’s dad, A LOT about Olivia started making more sense. If that is how your father gets down, I can see how Fitz’s “I show my love by yelling and stalking you” approach could make her feel at home.

Loree:   I’m also wondering who let the cat out of the bag about Fitz and Olivia. The obvi would be Mellie but is it ever that simple. Shonda is brilliant because I did not see that coming about Olivia’s dad. I think that’s what makes this series so amazing, you are originally looking left but all of a sudden the commotion is coming from the right. Since we know Sally wants to run against Fitz it could’ve been her who spilled about Olivia and Fitz but who knows.

Joe: I don’t think it was Mellie. I think it was her fixer.

Johnathan: I want to give a shout-out to the camera people in this episode. I loved the way they shot Cyrus’ heart attack from various angles. Then when Fitz handed the strategy off to Mellie in the hospital and we see her close-up beyond Fitz’s ear. I need to take a moment to celebrate that genius.

Joe: That sort of makes me want to go back and check it out again.

Johnathan: When you’re watching Scandal, do you find yourself wanting to press pause and interview the characters? I do. Like when Fitz looked at Olivia and said, “You’re going to be my first lady.” I wanted to pause and say, “Well, technically, she’ll be the second lady.”

Joe: My question for Fitz: “Did you think you’d be able to swoop Olivia into The White House with no problem? I don’t know what sort of stupidity bubble you’re living in- ugh I can’ even look at you.”

Jordan: I ask the commenters, what do we feel about the two year Olivia plan? That Liv essentially will use race as a weapon against Mellie and a talking point in her future positioning? Manipulative and smart but considering what she’ll be using it for, is she cheapening true racial issues or do we feel, since Olivia’s race is her card to play, she can use it however she chooses?

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  • Lisa

    I honestly thought Olivia was delusional about that 2 year plan. Putting aside her blackness, the GOP base is not going to go for a President who divorces his wife while in office. Not to mention there was not a snowbell’s chance in Hades that their affair wouldn’t get outed. Clinton almost got impeached for getting caught cheating on his wife, and his Presidency was actually somewhat effective. I know this is fiction but that’s stretching it a whole lot! And using race as a weapon…ehhh. Her plan is brilliant assuming people are a) rational and b) willing to halfway entertain an opposing opinion, neither of which is true when it comes to discuss race. It would backfire and they would paint Fitz as trying to divide the country by dredging up “old news”.

    Glad to see David Rosen finally get a win. They did that man so wrong. I don’t blame him for saving his own skin instead of exposing Defiance. He’s seen enough of Presidential Goons Affiliated to know that he’d be dead before the case even made it on the docket, so better to ignore it, give up the card and get his life back. Let’s not forget that *some* justice was done in the exposure of Billy Chambers.

    Much as I love to hate this show at times, I’m still looking forward to the next season. But if we don’t get any Harrison backstory I’m occupying Shonda’s tweets! LOL.

  • Ruthie O

    I’m sad this season is over for now, partially because I have grown to love these roundtables! I am so happy there is a space on the web that acknowledges the abusive undertones– hell, overtones– in Fitz’s relationship with women. THANK YOU.

  • Fred Tsui

    I think Dad leaked the info. I think Dad leaked it to make sure Olitz never happens again. In a way,
    it is Dad’s weird way of getting rid of the boyfriend that he doesn’t like.

    I, too, was trying to figure out why Dad sent the B6-13 agent to Olivia’s house. Was a test of Jake to see if he was truly B6-13 or going to side with Liv? Talk about a horrible agent, can’t break in without making all that racket? The scene where Liv asked him to close his eyes was really well done.

    I never quite got what Liv saw in Fitz as the season rolled along. His language used around her was abusive and commanding. Rarely was it about her. It is always about him. But as someone said above, with a Dad like that maybe Fitz is exactly what she is use to and only knows that way to be loved by someone.

    For all of B6-13 abilities, when is B6-13 going to figure out that Huck is still alive?

    Why is the office considered a safe location from B6-13?

    I also wonder where else they can take the show? The writers will have to keep getting bigger and bigger. Which leads to stories that become more and more outrageous. Which soon become so unbelievable that you start to look silly.

    I’m getting tired of the Olitz line already. 22 episodes is enough.

    They are getting a bit torture happy. Now that Quinn has developed a taste for it, I hope they don’t use it more often.

    Eventually we will need a character with some moral center. Liv doesn’t kill, but she is more than ready to use torture. David could have been, but he saved himself instead of exposing the biggest story of the decade, Defiance. I can see with David he was too clean to begin with and this was his way of buying in.

    So much to think about until the Fall season.

  • Kristen Reynolds

    Didn’t Mellie know that Fitz and Olivia were sleeping together? Didn’t she set that up, or at the very least endorse the affair’s continuance, because she wanted to be first lady? I distinctly remember a scene in one of the flashback episodes where Mellie gives Olivia the “look” and says something akin to “we all must do what have to” and walks away. I need to go back and watch the first two season’s, but all of this Mellie love I’m seeing lately makes me uncomfortable. I get that she’s hurting and so on, but I think too many are forgetting Mellie’s role in the train wreck that is MelOlivitz.

    That is, if I’m remembering the show correctly. But, barring those moments that I make reference to – the woman got pregnant so that she could keep her husband in office. C’mon.

    @Joe: My heart broke when I saw Henry as an evil overlord. I loved him on Eureka.

    I think the two year plan was a bit far fetched, but even in its manipulative aspects, it could- in some backward, uncomfortable way – force people to check their racial issues. Just like then Senator Obama’s race was always coming up in those sort of foot-in-mouth moments during his campaign (I.e. Harry Reid’s comments that Pres. Obama didn’t have a “negro” dialect, etc), I could definitely see people unintentionally letting their racist flag fly, which would feed right into Olivia’s plan of using “race as a weapon.”