Scandal Roundtable 2.21: “Any Questions?”

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So Scandal last week. Like… OMG, right? So much to say, so much to spoil in this introduction if you haven’t watched last week. I ask, however: why haven’t you? Go, now. I’ll wait.

If you’re back, (or if you’ve never left,) join Kendra James, Jordan St. John, Zach Stafford, Loree Lamour, Johnathan Fields and I as we talk about last weeks game changing episode and our expectations for tonight’s finale.

Jordan: In love or not, Fitz can’t just decide he wants to stay in Olivia’s bed and not show up for work. Regular people can’t do that, I would think that if you are THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES you would have little more respect for your job. Then again, maybe that is why he was never, you know, elected to be president.

Zach: Did y’all just catch THE SHADE Jordan just threw? YES! And I do agree. The whole time he was in bed I was thinking: Doesn’t he have, like, a country to run? Fitz is a little intense to say the least. It’s one big emotion to the next.

Joe: BOOM, roasted.

Loree: I know, right? I mean seriously Olivia has become his drug of choice. He’s tried to give her up, insulted her, and broke her heart yet he just can’t let go.

Johnathan: I’m interested in what’s going to happen in the season finale. What if it comes out that Fitz had enough votes had Olivia and company not rigged the election? Sidebar: how many times has Cyrus walked in on Fitz having sex?

Jordan: Telling Olivia to stay out of this would be about the only smart thing Fitz has ever done.

Joe: Cyrus needs a big glass of Chamomile tea. Perhaps a quaalude. Jeff Perry is going to get an ulcer from all the anger he has to act out on this show.

Jordan: I am mesmerized by the chin cleft on Mellie’s fixer. Also, I am continually impressed by the show’s depiction of Mellie’s Fitz targeted anger. Olivia’s name is there to be dragged in the mud only if it ultimately suits Mellie’s goals but they never turn it into a cat fight. It is not about Olivia for Mellie. Her issue is with Fitz.

Joe: That’s Captain Jack Harkness! Oh, the wonderful world that is John Barrowman. He’s a great actor. I think his casting signals a bigger plot involving him, as inept as he seems at his job. Him and Mellie could compare chins…


Loree: I love the fact that Mellie’s fixer is so handsome It could’ve easily been a person she (or we) could have no attraction to. I’m not sure she is attracted to him, but I see that Mellie may be getting hers soon. Everyone deserves true love, and honestly Mellie is way past due in that department.

Jordan: Isn’t that the question? Why is Mellie doing this and other than her husband behaving and back with her, what does she want. I hope they let the drama play out long enough for us to explore the possibility.

Johnathan: Mellie had her panties in a bundle about the fixer referring to himself as a hairdresser. It was when he called himself her priest that I stopped. Sir, you may be Mellie’s priest but you can’t fix nearly as well as Olivia Pope can. Your priesthood won’t trump the Pope.

Joe: Ooo, Johnathan, one for the books.

Loree: Johnathan, that was awesome. I couldn’t have said it better.

Jordan: In what world does Ftiz think he will stop being President and then just be able to go around with Olivia Pope. Also, what about Olivia Pope?! Her life would be over. She would be the punchline in a joke and never taken seriously. Her career would be over. Why doesn’t she answer Harrison? is it because she doesn’t know or because she can’t say it aloud. Is she imagining babies in the suburbs, a new power couple, what do we think her end game is?

Johnathan: This is precisely the type of Hollywood fairy tale logic we always see in film and television when it comes to love. Love is purely emotional; love without logic, as if we can’t (or shouldn’t) have both.

Joe: I was wondering the same thing. Why is no one bringing up Lewinsky again? Or, more pertinent to the show, Amanda Tanner?

Jordan: Cyrus and Fitz have a lot in common. This cruel, hurtful speech Cy gives James in his office about how he is essentially nothing and no one is positively Fitzian.

Johnathan: We’ve pointed to the general unhealthy relationships on Scandal before. Cyrus and James were no exception. However, I was screaming at the television, asking James what the hell he sees in Cyrus.

Joe: Seriously. Maybe James is attracted to power? Or terrible human traits? Who knows.

Jordan: Are we annoyed at Olivia for shrugging off “her rights” especially because he has a point. Not about the Republican Party (not shedding tears for them) but it would be the horseman of the apocalypse at her door. She is not naive enough to think her race will not be an issue. Again, Harrison is right. She is tied to nothing, no one has her back, they would crucify her. Is that why he was the one to give the speech to her about being her anchor? Thinking back, I feel like there was a moment of racial solidarity there.

Joe: True. I like the fact that the racial solidarity comes without a “I got your back, girl.” or any mention of race at all. As many of us know, all it takes sometimes is a look across a crowded space in Bowery Ballroom to acknowledge the only other person like you in the entire building.

Jordan: What the hell does Cyrus believe in Fitz to do. I agree with everyone who has said this before, the great promise of a Fitzgerald Grant presidency is lost on me

Jordan: This line by Jake about how he wants a lot of things Ftiz gets to have first certainly hints at some history but again, I hate that the language removes all agency from Olivia. There is no discussion of her choice in the matter and it seems like he is forgetting (or choosing to forget) that Olivia chose Fitz. She is not a prize to be won (although that is exactly the way she is positioning her self).

Jordan: Fitz is such a whiny little baby. He wasn’t going to win because he is afraid to lose. Man up dam–
Joe: Oh, look, Carrie’s dad again. OMG! David Rosen?!

Jordan: Damn Shonda and her cliffhangers. She got me again. David Rosen?! What?!


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  • Jane Laplain

    “What the hell does Cyrus believe in Fitz to do. I agree with everyone who has said this before, the great promise of a Fitzgerald Grant presidency is lost on me.”

    I don’t think Cyrus’ obsession with Fitz being president is anything but narcissistic and self-serving. He is as addicted to Fitz as Olivia or Mellie is, even moreso, perhaps. Cyrus saw in Fitz somebody who looked the part of a president, came from good political stock and, therefore, was genuinely electable, and most important of all, somebody with daddy issues who he could manipulate easily.

    Cyrus lives vicariously thru Fitz in all aspects of presidential command. By his own admission in a previous episode, Fitz was as close as he was ever going to get to the presidency and true power, which is what he craves most in the world. But you can’t walk around telling people that. Or yourself for that matter. Whatever evil thing you’re up to, you tend to tell yourself that you’re doing it for the “right” reasons.

    So it’s not so much that he believes Fitz was going to be The Great President, rather, that Cyrus was going to be responsible for the “Greatest. Presidency. EVAR!!” thru Fitz, if only Fitz would stop trying to make his own stupid decisions as if he were some kind of separate being. The nerve!

  • Renee Martin

    Re: Cyrus and James

    I actually loved that scene because though Cyrus was harsh, he was absolutely right. James’ real career move would have been to go public about Defiance and he blew that off for Cyrus. That was his shot not revealing that Mellie had left Fitz. He was a naive tool and Cyrus was right to tell him. I am hoping that this will make James more ruthless in the future because if you are going to play the game, you have to play to win.

  • Beth_in_Mpls

    I’m with Joe—John Barrowman is awesome. (Loved him in Torchwood.) His cleft chin is only one part of his charm, but it can be somewhat mesmerizing. I hope he’s a recurring character.