Scandal Roundtable 2.19: “Seven Fifty-Two”

Hosted by Joseph Lamour

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As I said in my recap last week, “Seven Fifty-Two” is all about Huck–as much as Fitz wanted to weasel his way into the story…and Olivia’s life. Of course, Olivia wasn’t having it, and neither was Mellie. Loss was the thread that wove the disparate stories last week.

After the jump. Jordan St. John, Loree Lamour, and T.F. Charlton join me to break down another engaging episode of Scandal.

Jordan: It’s amazing how footloose and fancy-free Huck seems at the start of these flashbacks. Hat’s off to the actor for being able to subtly convey he is at a more innocent point in his life.

Loree: Yes, Jordan. I wondered what made Huck the way he is. So focused on his work, so tense all the time. I also see why he never killed Charlie since he could’ve killed his wife and child once the CIA found out he had a family and he didn’t kill them as he was authorized to do so.

Jordan: Interesting that Harrison withholds the fact the President is on Liv’s floor even from Abby and the rest of the team.

Joe: Harrison seems to be the most loyal to Olivia. I feel like if she asked him to shoot one of the other gladiators, he would actually consider it. He would never air her business out to anyone.

Jordan: So…Huck had the traits of a psychopath.

Loree: Yeah, that was a bit disturbing, when Charlie was talking about how good the power was when taking a human life and Huck smiled. Sooooo disturbing.

T.F.: I also find it disturbing that Shonda Rimes consistently shows torture as an effective method of getting reliable information out of people. I thought it was pretty established that this isn’t true? Not to mention that torturing people appears to be all Huck did as a CIA agent, which just seems inefficient and unrealistic. Just sayin’.

Joe: Cosign, TF.

Jordan: I am really looking forward to Harrison’s flashback. What happened to him that he prefers to be so willfully faithful.

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I am so sad about Huck and his wife. With the mentions of his abandonment and her absentee father, they seem like this sweet success story–except he’s killing people on the side.

Loree:  Yes, they were a cute couple. Ironic, though: when one of the people he was told to torture and kill had a little boy…later, he’s the father being taken away from his son.

Jordan: Ummm…and, Huck was collecting trophies. He’s a government sanctioned serial killer.

Loree: Yeah I’m curious as to why he was keeping those watches. I wonder if he still has them.

Joe: Watchers of Criminal Minds know: serial killers always collect trophies. It could be something as small as a strand of hair, a photo of the victim’s hand, or like in Dexter, a drop of blood.

T.F.: I had a lot of trouble with Huck’s storyline. None of us watch Scandal for the realism (lol) but the whole idea that the CIA would brainwash him out of remembering his family (while also leaving them alive, which seems kind of sloppy?) was just a bridge too far for me. The CIA is sketchy as hell, but I’m pretty sure agents can still have families. I still teared up at the reveal at the end, when he sees his son, but…I felt like the suspension of disbelief went off the rails in this episode.

Joe: I think the suspension of disbelief went too far for me when we learned that the metro was on time every day. (I know I said this in my recap, but it bears repeating.)

Jordan: What the hell on Fitz. He really only cares about himself. What about Mellie to stood by you through all those months when you were awful to everyone, including your kids. What about Cyrus and the country? He’s just going to hang out by Olivia’s bed–to hell with his duties–because this week, he’s decided he’s in love with her and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Last week he hated her and called her, in no uncertain terms, a whore. Also, Captain Creepy has balls of steel to sit with Fitz knowing he was screwing Liv a couple days ago. I would not put it past Fitz to have him killed.

T.F.: Fitz really needs to get over himself. I wanted to chuck things at the screen when he was going on about Liv controlling him and how she can’t dismiss him and he “demands a chance.” I mean, really? He dropped her in a hot second when he found out about Defiance, but he demands yet another chance after, let’s see, assaulting her multiple times, threatening her, having her followed more than once, completely ignoring her boundaries time and again. How many chances does he think he should have left? He’s the worst.

Jordan: Harrison is making another reference to how he gets girls. Just want to point that out.

Joe: I’ll believe it when I see it, Jordan. I used to say stuff like that in high school. And people believed me. Hindsight is 20/20, I guess.

Jordan: I am Team Mellie on this. He is beyond wrong for abandoning her after all she did for him.

Loree: I had a feeling Mellie wasn’t going to take Fitz’s crap anymore. She seems too strong and goal-oriented for that. Makes me wonder how Fitz is going to handle this one. Since this show is all about finding other people’s dirt, I’m sure Mellie has one we’re yet to find out. Something Fitz can hold over her head to “keep her in line.” The people in this show are so shady.

Jordan: Team Mellie!!!!

T.F.: Mellie’s line-in-the-sand speech gave me so much life–minus her slut-shaming of Olivia, of course. Both Mellie and Liv are being manipulated and gaslighted by this sadsack asshole they share a co-dependent relationship with, and it’s about time someone lays down the law with Fitz. It’s abundantly clear that Liv isn’t ready to do that yet, given that, y’know, finding out that he’s been having her stalked wasn’t quite enough to end things.

What I’m really hoping for is that Mellie and Liv both dump Fitz and team up again. Every time they declare a truce and work together, it’s amazing.

Jordan: I love the Olivia and FItz theme music they are playing under their hospital. That said, this scene is ludicrous and rings with privilege and entitlement. He’s demanding she consent to once again being the other woman?

Joe: I literally had the opposite reaction. Whenever that music comes on, I roll my eyes. I think it’s because I know some sweet hypocritical love/hate-making is about to happen.

T.F.: All signs in this episode and in the preview point to Cyrus being the person who’s trying to take Olivia out, and perhaps the mole. Which would be a pretty big development for his character–yes, he’s probably the most evil character on the show, but given that he usually justifies his warped behavior on the grounds of protecting the country, selling out his country and the president is unexpected. But maybe Cyrus has had enough as well!

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