Meanwhile, On TumblR: The Non-Fiction Flick And Vid Edition

By Andrea Plaid

I think I’ve been a bad influence on the R’s Senior Editor Tami Winfrey Harris because I’ve been talking her into watching documentaries for our Table for Two posts. We have another one lined up next week (with a special guest breaking the proverbial bread with us), but I want to hip y’all to some other non-fiction flicks and vids…

…starting off with Youth Speak‘s and University of California San Francisco’s collaboration on this great PSA about Type 2 diabetes. Instead of fat-shaming–as too many food-justice docs do when discussing the links between body size, physical condition, and health–this video gives a structural analysis on who’s to blame and how to hold them accountable to the rest of us. (H/t @newmodelminority)

Friend of the R Mark Anthony Neal interviews Shola Lynch, the director of the new film Free Angela Davis And Other Political Prisoners, about the the film itself and, more interestingly, what documentarians of color struggle with in order to get their stories to film.

Though the NCAA “March Madness” is over for another year, few people can forget the women’s basketball superstar Shoni Schimmel. As reported by Colorlines’ Jorge Rivas and Jamilah King, Schimmel is the subject of a documentary about her struggle to become the first person in her community to go to college on a basketball scholarship.

Finally, Racialicious wants to extend our heartfelt congrats to Shanice Johnson and to Maysles Documentary Center‘s Teen Producers Academy, whose films, Black Girls Code and Triggering Wounds, respectively, have been accepted to Cannes Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival, respectively. Way to go, y’all! (H/t deliciouskaek)

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