The Walking Dead Roundtable 3.16: Welcome to the Tombs

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For the season finale that left me with more questions than answers, Jeannie Chan, Nikki Urban, and Carly Mitchell join me to dissect further.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead 3.16 “Welcome to the Tombs” are under the cut.

Jeannie: Can I just geek out a little bit over that beautiful, super intense close-up of the eye? It reminded me of how Lost used to open episodes with similar shots but this was, like, 100 times better. And creepier.

Carly: Oh Milton. I did not want to see you go like this.

Joe: He like, stabbed him 6 times in the same place. That would kill anyone quicker than this.

Nikki: Yea, we all knew The Governor was going to take him out, but I really would’ve liked to see him have a more meaningful death for all the risk he took for Andrea. You had to feel for him getting stuck at The Governor’s right hand but I really liked him over all too.

Carly: The Governor’s ranting about this attack would only have been better if David Morrissey had worked up some significant spittle.

Jeannie: Is Glenn honestly surprised that Carl is that angry at Rick? Why isn’t anyone else angry? And what did Rick mean when he said “it’s easy to forget?” That it’s easy to forget that Carl is still just a kid, so obviously he’s going to make a big fuss over this because that’s what silly kids do? Or that because Carl is still just a kid, it will be easy for him to forget this later? Which still invalidates his (totally justified) anger, BTW.

Jeannie: Michonne isn’t really letting Rick off the hook that easily, is she? Because that’s just ridiculous. If she really gets where Rick was coming from, then please enlighten me. And use your own words because all you’re really doing is re-telling us what he did and thought about doing. I don’t need any further narration for Rick. What are you thinking, Michonne??

Carly: I’m glad we’re getting this big showy display of force from Woodbury just because…. we all knew they had it. And after so many gun/sword/hand-to-hand battle scenes, it’s refreshingly dramatic to see. All I could think was “armed to the gills!”

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Carly: Good. Grief. All these scenes with Andrea are making my blood pressure shoot through the roof. All I can yell at the TV is “FOCUS, ANDREA.” Task at hand! Get the freakin’ wrench!

Jeannie: Hello, completely unnecessary exposition.

Nikki: For real! A modern-day strong woman who is holding her own pretty fantastically in the zombie apocalypse and you can’t talk, mourn and grab your pliers at the same time? Come now Andrea, you’re better than that.

Carly: Maggie and Glenn. Please stop having sweet moments where you are completely exposed to every bullet and biter. I was so sure one of them was going to be shot in the head as soon as they took off their riot gear.

Joe: I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that!

Carly: Yes. Now this is exactly the kind of complete break from reality that we were building to all season. The question it leaves us with is this his new M.O. or will he regain composure completely? I’m sure he’ll retain his skills to deceive, but I’d love to see a storyline that keeps him more on this volatile state.

Nikki: Well there’s no denying/manipulating it now! Homeboy is definitely out his mind and thankfully, he finally made it very clear that no one should have trusted him and that he is totally unhinged. I have a sliver of respect for him going all out and really embracing that nasty, evil character. I agree Carly, it’s great to see all of his evilness manifested in charm and showmanship and then channeled into pure killing machine. I feel like that’s a pretty common theme in power be it then, now or after we’re all undead.

Carly: These henchmen by the way, are survivalists if nothing else. I hope they stick around because I think their storyline could be so interesting.

Carly: Wait. wait. Andrea. Hook me up. Where is this zombie apocalypse nail salon you’re using for your beautiful pedicure.

Joe: Wet n’ Wild Coconut Creme. Which is on trend for 2013, so… that’s weird.

Jeannie: Is it really that hard to pick up a pair of pliers with your feet? I thought she’d be a little more flexible than that..

Carly: Is it bad that Michonne’s two for one beheading made me think of fruit ninja?

Jeannie: LOL, Carly.

Carly: What! Did they just ‘Lori’ Andrea?!? I really didn’t think they were using this season of making her so difficult to just up and off her.

Nikki: OK, OK… so we knew she was living on borrowed time when she didn’t murder that psychopath in his sleep. However, I still thought she was capable of more. I’m really disappointed that they killed her off. Her whole speech while she was dying I feel like really rounded her character out but I just thought it was cheap to give her the axe this season. I agree Carly, make all of her taking a stand and stuff worth it this season.

Joe: Just saying, she’s a main character in the comics. Still. To this day. This really is a cheapening of her story.

Carly: What does it say about this scene and Andrea this season, that last week I was in tears about Merle’s death, and for Andrea… not even a sniffle from this household. And I liked her overall!

Nikki: For real! Merle’s redemption was sooo little and way too late but I felt so much more for him than Andrea who had it more or less going for her all along. Especially after getting the cold shoulder from the group.

Jeannie: For me, I was reacting more to what Merle’s death meant to Daryl than his death itself. But I agree with you, Carly and Nikki. I don’t like the show’s pattern of setting characters up to redeem themselves, or do really meaningful things, only to die. I stopped caring about Andrea about halfway through the second season. In retrospect, that may have been a bit harsh considering how traumatic it must have been to have to kill her sister then, and from that perspective, the choices that she made in staying with and believing in the Governor make sense… in a way. I don’t think I’m as sad about her death as others may be, but this scene was still really hard to watch. Waiting for that shot was the worst.

Nikki: Well said, madame! I couldn’t put my finger on it, but you’re so right. I had a hard time grieving her when it seemed so deliberate all along that she should be set up as a great loss.

Carly: Do we think the writers are taking Carl down a more angsty, angry road as he’s getting closer to being a teenager?

Nikki: Frankly, I am so over angry Carl. Get over it, Carl. Whatever you’re whining about this week, please just get over it. Get over the fact that you’re a kid and they may sometimes treat you like one. Get over the fact that your dad’s having a tough time, things need to be said to him yes but get over your hissy fits. Also, get over your tough-guy-something-to-prove act. Please, be someone other than the angry kid.

Carly: I think this was my favorite season so far. They had some seriously questionable storylines, and the development of Michonne was so aggravating. That being said, Michonne has really come around for me with her increased group interaction. The Governor freaked me out and I think that’s a win for the writers as well. I think the most notable moments for me were Merle’s death (it’s implications of redemption and a deepening of character value past a stereotype) and the arc of Rick’s struggle with his visions of Lori (allowing Glenn to take some leadership).

Joe: Personally, the plot holes are getting too big for me to see through.

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