Scandal Recap 3.18: “Molly, You in Danger, Girl”

by Joseph Lamour

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The most frustrating thing about an episode of Scandal for a writer like me is that so much happens in one hour that I struggle not to make a recap a word-for-word script. With that being said, here goes nothing!

Spoilers for Scandal 3.18: “Molly, You in Danger, Girl” are under the cut!

This week is all about perception versus reality. The episode opens with Fitz feeding His Fellow Americans false information about CIA Director Osbourne being the mole. Of course, The President of the United States doesn’t know this information is false, either…so…there’s that. While Fitz’s speech goes on, Huck and Quinn partake in their monthly sweep of Olivia’s apartment– I’m going to stop right here. What handbook says its a good idea to schedule a bug sweep? Does that make any sense whatsoever? Because… whatever handbook Huck has, Captain Creepy has a copy too, since he seamlessly fools Huck and the rest of the Gladiators into thinking that there’s not an extensive Big Brother house camera setup in Ms. Pope’s place. He then calls her and jokes that she’s never home (as he sets up cameras in her apartment–ew, buddy).

Back in Olivia and Associates, Molly says, “Thank you for making sure we have lives to go back to,” as Olivia and company throws her and Rosen out because “there is no more mole.” Aww, Molly–as the title of the episode implies, this is tragic foreshadowing for you. Like clockwork, as Molly and Rosen leaves, CIA wife Susan Osbourne offers compelling evidence that her husband was in fact not the mole, whatever Harrison thinks. He’s becoming increasingly obstinate, isn’t he?

In the White House, the mole isn’t the only thing the President is lying about. The extent to which the Grants’ marriage is fake is revealed by Fitz in one of his oft emo-laced bouts of self-reflection. At least this time there was no whiskey. During the interview, they claim that Mellie was on a date with another man and that their love was so instantaneous she dropped that other guy like a sack of lead. The truth, however, is sort of like the plot of Boom Goes the Dynamite: They were set up by his father. Fitz, later in the episode, wonders if she knew this was an “arranged” marriage. The view from the top is a lonely one, apparently.

Cyrus and James also fight: the former has spent three weeks at a hotel because James can no longer trust him (Defiance, rigging the election–you know, normal couple things,) and Cyrus says that the reason James is so angry is because James lied on the stand, therefore choosing his love for Cyrus over justice. Cyrus makes an excellent point, if this were a mock morality trial. James, realizing that Cyrus is right about what he said, hates them both now. Didn’t work out the way you planned, huh, Cy?

While investigating CIA Director Osbourne’s death, Huck and Quinn come across a storage locker that may have the proof they need. Huck goes in to the facility alone and ends up unconscious, beaten, and locked in a crate two hours later. His deadly hackersassin skills are diminishing by the hour, it seems. Quinn, becoming more and more kickass by the episode, finds him single-handedly. One would come to expect this was the work of Olivia’s current beau. Turns out, this wasn’t the work of Cap’n Creepy, but of Charlie, Huck’s former associate–as you remember, he’s currently on Cyrus’ payroll. What could beating Huck with a flashlight and giving him Gitmo flashbacks have to do with anything? Oh, and Molly turns up dead–hit by a car, “she never stood a chance.” Mmm. If she had made it to Belize, you guys, maybe she would have. I hope one of Gladiators realizes that Molly’s death is partially their fault. They put her on a no-fly list to ask her a question, which she answered to the best of her ability, then told them someone was going to kill her, and then they kept her on that no-fly list. Not cool.

Olivia and Jake finally consummate their relationship, after a cute (if thinly veiled) pop-in to Jake’s apartment with Gettysburger. (This  only exists in Pennsylvania, Shonda. I would suggest Good Stuff next time; Spike’s burgers are the business. And, he’s got a roasted marshmallow shake that will make your knees buckle.) After Jake in Olivia take part in what can only be called “Forget Fitz-fest 2013,” she discovers Jake’s Olivia Wall Of Surveillance TVs, which must be a little bit like discovering Soylent Green is made of people. Jake tells her he can’t let her leave which, to everyone on Earth, usually means, “I’m going to kill you.” But not to him! Turns out he’s protecting her (sure) from yet another person ordered to kill her. Boy. During the kerfuffle, Olivia gets shoved to the floor, sustains a concussion, and is visited in the hospital by none other than the man she’s trying to forget. Fitz, of course, starts with his usual puppy dog “Hi” and goes in for a hug. Except, this time, Olivia reacts a little bit like a gremlin is trying to give her a loving embrace. Does she now feel about Fitz the same way I do? What was Charlie doing with Huck and that crate? How do you think Fitz’s and Olivia’s conversation is going to go next week?

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  • LeilaM12

    Hey! I hope it’s okay if I comment here on another TV series: Is there any chance you could write about race in “The Americans”? I like Gregory as a character and I like that he and his friends serve as a reminder that the US were not “the good guys” for many African Americans.

  • md

    Olivia is way off her game. She didn’t even flinch about Jake’s comment regarding her kitchen. Plus didn’t find an odd coincidence that she and Cy both come across a guy ‘you don’t know’?! Way off her game. An episode called “physician, heal thyself” may be on the way

  • Ryan Bathe

    And does anyone else thing that the title is the best title ever! That’s the best line from Ghost! Well, one of the best! And Ghost! Hello! Tony Goldwyn! Hello!

  • Ryan Bathe

    Yeah…sadness…you can’t be a Gladiator if you are responsible for a death. And Cap’n Donuts….can’t decide about that guy! But the worst part is that we have to wait three weeks. Not next week!!

    • JosephLamour

      They are THE WORST with these breaks. Awful.

  • Foxessa

    Creepier, more creepy and we’re not finished yet. Olivia’s eyes as Fitz fondles and puts himself on top of her as some sort of kiss — eeeeeeks! And after she’s learned Jerk, er Jake has been spying on her the whole time, and now she’s gone and f*cked him. Unmeasureable case of air sickness now.
    You’re so right that the gladiators + Rosen killed Molly.

    The most sympathetic bit was Rosen informing Abby he can’t trust her.

    • Mieko Gavia

      Meh, I’m not so concerned about Rosen. I know he’s supposed to be morally good all the way but he’s so friggin’ ANNOYING and bland and self-righteous about all of it. Abby’s self-righteous and annoying, but at least she’s not bland.