Racialicious Crush Of The Week: Nana Efua’s “Fairy”

By Andrea Plaid

You know that I usually crush out on people–or some videos or blog–in this weekly post. This week, I find myself crushing hard on a photo, thanks to Tumblizen bad-dominicana putting this on my dashboard:

"Fairy" by Nana Efua.

“Fairy” by Nana Efua.

Yes, the little Black girl–in all of her afro glory–is absolutely darling in her outfit, which is a lively, colorful take on the gossamer, angel-sleeved, pinked-out, and tulle-skirted images of little white girls that are usually seen. What I also love is the warmth with which Ghanaian-reared photographer Nana Efua captures the whole scene. And you know how much I love warmth and saturated colors in visual arts.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a quote from Efua by posting time. But her “About” page gives some explanation about her style:

While Nana’s style is informed by her African heritage, it is equally shaped by her current surroundings. The gold coast is transitioned in the gold prairies of Nebraska. Life moves slower and more peacefully, almost making the story harder to tell. And so Nana’s style has evolved as well. Calm colors and still portraits come to contrast the boldness and pop. As a photographer, Nana has taken her life experiences and let them guide her. They guide her to a subject’s story, built through many years and many generations, way beyond the person that stands before the lens today.

And I look forward to many, many more photos from Efua.

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