Scandal Roundtable 2.17: “Snake In The Garden”

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To start, I’m going to veer ever so slightly off the usual topic to suggest some Scandal-related viewing pleasure. Oprah’s Next Chapter did a whole special on Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington, and Judy Smith called “The Real Olivia Pope.”  Although it premiered in November last year (bad TV Editor), it holds some great tidbits. Not to mention all the rah-rahs I cheered at this quartet’s fabulosity. I never realized how very true to life it is that someone like Olivia and only Olivia, handles everyone’s public problems. Fun fact: Fitz is  based on George Bush, Sr. Partially…obviously.

This week, Johnathan Fields, Jordan St. John, and Kendra James discuss episode 2.17, “Snake in the Garden” Spoilers ahead!


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Jordan: How hardcore are you that you get a text (while in your fabulous white knit loungewear) that the Director of the CIA is coming to pay you a house visit and you can hold it together until after he leaves. What was up with the surveillance blackout though?

Johnathan: Not only did she hold it together, Olivia reacted so quickly I could barely keep up with what happened in the scene.

Kendra: Plausible deniability? If he doesn’t know about it, then he can’t report back to Fitz.

Joe: Something tells me Fitz would swoon if he know she was the source. So he’s going to find out, probably.

Jordan: Olivia’s jacket when she meets Hollis is one of my least favorite ever. Looks like something from the “mature ladies” sales rack. Olivia, you’re better than this.

Jordan: I have really started to take a shine towards Quinn after they started this private eye/shady spy B-story with her and Huck. Not since they put Vampire Caroline with Tyler on Vampire Diaries have I been this impressed with a secondary character pairing.

Kendra: Jordan, you wound Caroline with that comparison! But I understand and sort of agree. I’m far more interested in Quinn now than I was back during the bomb plot, though I still sort of see her as an unnecessary character. I still find myself wishing at times that she’d been brought in for just the six or so episodes that it would have taken to wrap up that plot in its entirety. Who knows, maybe I’m just still bitter that Quinn got to live while Parris Gellar (the pregnant girl from the first season, but she’ll always be Parris to me) had to die.

Johnathan: Quinn’s character is becoming less and less believable. When you’re making high-leverage, risky decisions about fixing things, you don’t put a rookie in to get experiential learning. I’m going to need the Gladiators to create a virtual training for Quinn.

Jordan: Let’s talk about Harrison for a moment. I feel like the only things we ever hear from him that aren’t about business are vague allusions to the women he dates. He mentioned it in the first episode of the series when he talked about buying dinner, and he mentioned it now when talking about women who keep up with fashion. I find it interesting because the show never shows him actually going after any women or coming from a date. Why do we think he spends this time projecting the image of a playboy?

Kendra: Am I the only one who’s been assuming that Harrison’s gay?

Johnathan: I think we have some signs that could point to Harrison being gay, but we still don’t know enough about his character to know what the deal is.

Joe: Maybe it has to do with why he’s indebted to Olivia?

Jordan: Can we love Cyrus a little bit for the fact he didn’t even try to say, “I’m sorry to hear that,” about Hollis’s daughter? I appreciate his honesty.

Jordan: I would say this is one of the weakest speeches from Cyrus about his “patriotism.” Also, couldn’t the president have massacred a village? Considering what we know about Fitz, I don’t put it past him.

Jordan: I found it really sad that Olivia says about Captain Creepy “there’s something not quite right there,” but she’s still going out with him. Olivia, you’re better than this. Also, Captain Creepy probably saw her say that…which is creepy.

Jordan: What was that kiss?

Joe: Smooth game. We’d like it a lot more if we didn’t know he was all fists and surveillance.

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Jordan: I am saddened by the fact that the actress who plays Hollis’s ex-wife has done so much to her face that even when she is supposed to be crying her face doesn’t really move.

Joe: I love Melinda McGraw though. She’s been in like…every network show I watch, for only an episode. And she was in The Dark Knight…but I don’t remember it. Oh, character actors–the unsung heroes.

Jordan: Team Mellie!!!

Joe: That speech was the spousal equivalent of getting a drink thrown in your face, then a pie, and then being slimed on the Kid’sChoice Awards. Awesome.

Jordan: This is why I love Mellie. Also, I have always loved that this show never makes Mellie’s issue Olivia. Mellie is concerned about Fitz and, if Fitz could be with Olivia, be with her, and be a good president–and pleasant human being–Mellie would learn to live with it. If anything, she’s a little annoyed that Fitz fell apart over nothing more than the fact Olivia is a human being. I’m with Mellie–pull yourself together.

Johnathan: I will admit to finally being able to sympathize with Mellie this episode. She’s makes a compelling case against Fitz and how he’s turning into his father. However, I’m still spiraling at Team Mellie. I do not understand what the appeal is. Mellie annoys me.

Jordan: I actually got a little misty when Huck showed Quinn her family which is like the creepiest weirdest thing ever but somehow they made it a touching moment. Only Scandal could make secretly stalking a random family seem sweet.


  • Debbie Jones

    This “Only Scandal could make secretly stalking a random family seem sweet.” suggest there’s a got to be some other reason you call Jake surveillance of Olivia for FITZ creepy. I’m thinking some Olitz fans see Jake as a threat to their ship.

  • Gillian Rosheuvel

    Yay! In Joseph, I have found someone who shares my Melinda McGraw love.