Open Thread: So, About Those New Beyonce Songs…

By Arturo R. García

(Note: Language NSFW)

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Technically, “Bow Down/I Been On” is a mini-medley of two different upcoming tracks from Beyonce. But the discussion surrounding them picked up steam Sunday afternoon and evening. The latter track has her vocals chopped and screwed, Houston-style. (MTV did provide a link to a “regular B” version)

It’s been interesting to see the early talk regarding the tracks. There’s been some focus on her code-switching (remarks about Beyonce “going hood” and/or defying/betraying her pop-friendly self, depending who you ask) and lashing out at her critics (the lines, “I took some time to live my life/but don’t think I am just his little wife” seem especially pointed, on top of the actual chorus). No release date has been posted (yet) for the full versions of either track, but let’s get your thoughts on what we’ve heard so far.

  • Oscar

    I think the beats are good enough that it’s a shame a more competent rapper isn’t flowing over them.

  • Immy

    I love Beyonce, I have tickets to see her this summer but this has left me unimpressed. The track makes me think of the Mario Brothers backing music and she abuses the word bi***** I think. It’s not far from something Nicki Minaj or Rihanna would say… I still love her, it’s just a track, but I am not going to get excited about it just because it’s got her name on it. Peace