The Walking Dead Roundtable 3.11: “I Ain’t A Judas”

Hosted by Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joe Lamour

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In Monday’s recap, I talked about how discussion-heavy it was–and light on plot. This, however, gave the characters time to hash out their problems–some which have been brewing all season. Kiki Smith, Nikki Urban, and Carly Neely joined me this week to talk about the “Michonne and Andrea” argument, the “Rick and Everyone Else” argument, and more.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead episode 3.11 are under the cut.

Joe: I read an interesting article on that suggests Andrea may be killed off, completely ignoring canon. What do you guys think of that?

Nikki: Call me a jerk, but yes please?! She does this thing when she talks to people as if all the ‘tude will make them come to some shocking realization that she’s right about whatever they’re debating. Perhaps it’s the acting but her character comes off to me like she’s carrying around some huge indignation baggage. Except with Michonne, somewhere before we “met” (and by “met” I mean “got to lay eyes on her cause I’m still waiting with baited breath for more dialogue and backstory) she was able to relate to Andrea without getting the faux tough act. If she can’t finish off the Governor, nail’s in the coffin for me.

Kiki: I think I’ve got a bit of a love/hate thing for Andrea. I love that she is such a strong character that sticks to what she believes in–most of the time. But, I can’t completely understand or see where she fails to see how destructive The Governor is. She’s seen what he can do, yet still listens to him? It would be a nice turn of events if she aided in getting rid of him. Perhaps a means for the group to trust her again (I’m assuming they’ll eventually meet again)?

Carly: As challenging as I’ve found her to be this season, I would not want to see her go. Unless, it is in some epic battle where she realizes the sky is blue and that The Governor is a horrible person and takes him down. Preferably violently. I’m pretty sure that’s a pipe dream, but I’d love to at least see him go that way.

Joe: I myself don’t think they should kill her off, but I just don’t see how it’s possible that she survives. Then again, they somehow managed to use smoke bombs so that no one saw anyone else, so there may be some ridiculous close calls in our future.

(Editor’s Note: Also, and this just came to me as I edit this for publishing, but they haven’t killed Carol, and Carol is now very much like Andrea is in the books, so maybe they’ve switched characterizations. Andrea also is as weak as Carol was in the novels. I like this theory.–JL)

Carly: I didn’t get a chance to say it in last week’s roundtable, but they beat me to it this episode. Thank goodness for the writers eeking in that little scene with Carl and Rick. The one thing that bugged me about everyone just letting ‘Rick be Rick’ out in the wilderness was that there was this group amnesia surrounding Carl. Rick isn’t a totally unmoored character–he still has his son!

Kiki: …and a newborn daughter. The plotline seems make us easily forget the connections between Carl, Rick, and the baby (name? I can only remember her nickname, A*skicker–ha). Although in terms of keeping Rick in check, it does seem that Herschel is constantly–if not carefully attempting–to reel him back into reality. I do have to say though that was indeed a great scene with Carl and Rick. It’s like “Hey, Dad! I can see something’s up with you, too!” Nice wake-up call for Rick.

Carly: See, I feel for Andrea. Her motivation to have a life, to regain some normalcy? I think that’s the most reasonable desire on the planet. Granted, she wants it so bad that she overlooks all the bad, but we’ve all known a friend in a relationship like that.

Joe: How do you guys like all the real talk in this episode? There was a whoooole lot of it.

Kiki: For one, Joe—I’m utterly enjoying this discourse between Andrea and Michonne at the prison. Michonne is telling it like it is. With no sugar coating at all, giving us another glimpse–albeit a quick one–of who she is. And it looks like Andrea is starting to see the light a bit after hearing this from Michonne: “You chose a warm bed over a friend. Thats why I went back to Woodbury. Exposed him for what he is. I knew that it would hurt you.” Sums it up pretty well. Andrea’s facial expression resulting from that showed what she couldn’t say to Michonne. Curious to see how this will develop later on–will Andrea eventually be forgiven and accepted back into the group? Or sent back to the wolves (ahem, Governor and his posse)?

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Carly: I’m glad Michonne called her out on completely abandoning her, and that Andrea called her out on being hostile. But…is it likely to change either character? Based on the ending scene with Andrea and The Governor, I’m thinking not. Although Michonne did manage not to slit Merle’s well-deserving throat, so that’s something!

Nikki: For real. Glad to finally see someone hit her with “sisters before misters.” I have a lot of trouble believing that some of her motivation is strength, seeing how quickly she buckles for such a wolf in cheap, cheap sheep’s clothing. I always got the creepies from the Governor and the Pleasantville he was slinging–granted, we’re working with a drama and consequently the occasional over-characterization. Also, for people who stood by her in much worse, she sure hasn’t wavered so far in her commitment to The Governor when her original group and her partner in crime resurfaced. For shame, Andrea, for shame!

Carly: I loved that tableau as Andrea was driving away. If that’s not art for the season box set, I don’t know what is!

Joe: That would be just like a zombie version of the Six Feet Under final-season packaging. I thought that was well done, too–they made it look like a narrator should have been saying “And that was the last time they saw Andrea alive…”

Let’s switch topics: I like that they’re beginning to humanize Merle. With all the naked-lady art books that must be in the Woodbury Misogynist Library, I’m glad that he chose something else to read. What do you guys think?

Carly: Not like he could get much worse! All they can do now is give him a reason to not be immediately killed off. I feel about Merle much like I feel about The Governor–something else has to happen. They are both so awful. They need to die or show some other facet.

Nikki: Agreed. As soon as Merle was outside of the Woodbury walls I feel like he was living on borrowed time. As soon as you heard that raspy, terrible voice you were hoping it was interrupted by an extremely graphic chomping through his neck by a walker. Also agreed, I feel like without his sad little doer of evil, The Governor should fall pretty quickly and, without the brains and power, Merle should’ve checked himself..silly me, his loss of power manifests as even more nastiness. Impressive.

Kiki: I completely agree with Carly. Yes, okay, we get it, Merle–you’re an awful person. Even when your brother gives you a second chance, you somehow–within five minutes!–make him regret his letting you in. But what next? Are you going to drive someone to off you when Daryl isn’t looking? Perhaps Glen will? That would definitely create an interesting turn of events in the prison…

Carly: I kind of like this three-part leadership with Hershel, Daryl, and Rick. It makes absolute sense. You know the season is absolutely wrapping up when we have calls for human decency and sense!

Nikki: It always made me a little sad how easily Hershel rolled over and decided not to make any tough decisions when Rick first showed up. Granted, it’s simpler when everyone can agree that there’s some sort of moral-compass leader, but the tradition in me really wanted Hershel to play the “respect your elders” card. I don’t fault Rick or consider him arrogant for stepping up, but I hope Hershel starts to realize that he’s just as qualified, if not more so, than Rick was.

Joe: Especially since Rick is no longer a moral compass. I think everyone is just too tired to go on.

Kiki: Well now! Andrea’s stuck between a rock and a hard place! That was anticlimactic–and disappointing.

Nikki: How could she even hesitate?! Aside from your loyalty issues, you’re giving giving him every opportunity to take the element of surprise away! Although…I suppose by the next episode we should be one terrible character down either way, hm? Two characters enter, one character leaves!!

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  • Shazza

    I was glad to see Tyreese and his group show up, we hadn’t seen them in the last episode and honestly I hadn’t realized that Rick made them leave. The TV show does seem to veer from book canon so I worry that Tyreese won’t be the strong character he is in the book. I’m hoping he doesn’t end up being killed by the Gov (frankly I didn’t trust Milton taking them to Woodbury but they made it) And I was happy to hear Carol mention T-Dawg’s name a FEW times in this episode.

    • 7thangel

      there have been more lines mentioning T-dogg than he had in his last 5-8+ appearances.