The Walking Dead Recap 3.11: “I Ain’t A Judas”

by Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joe Lamour

Image via Spinoff Online and AMC.

Lots of moving chess pieces this week. I tend to dislike these discussion-heavy episodes, but a lot happened. So, let’s get straight to it, shall we?

The breakdown: Each week, a Walking Dead roundtabler or I will provide a recap the day after the newest episode airs. The next Friday morning a roundtable discussion of the episode is posted hosted by me, Joe, and a variety of guest commenters.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead 3.11 “I Ain’t A Judas” are under the cut.

While discussing what to do (Rick wants to defend the prison, everyone else wants to run away from Governor Shootypants), Herschel gives Rick some much needed #realtalk. Basically, he, like the audience, wants Rick to get it together or hand off leadership. Glenn, in an odd change of pace, wants to listen to whatever Rick says. Carl seconds that real talk with an introspective, adult plea for his father to abdicate leadership. Carl! You’re so grown.

Back in Woodbury, the graphic-novel version of The Governor begins to peek out from behind the friendlier (seriously) TV version. He wants men and women (and by that he means people 13 years old and up) to fight in this war against the prison campers. This rightly horrifies Milton, who keeps quiet about the whole thing anyway, because Milton likes breathing. Outside, they begin to gather children to train them for the war. Asthma or not, everyone who’s voice has cracked will be forced to shoot at people they don’t know. Everyone in Woodbury starts to see what this Governor fellow is really like. Finally.

This proves to be the episode of true truths. Herschel and Merle talk about the impending war over Bible verses. Merle describes just how The Governor will kill everyone. First Merle, then the children, and then the women. Rick will be last, so he can watch it all. So, you know, a normal daytime conversation in the word of Walking Dead.

Image via Spinoff Online and AMC.

Andrea pleads with Milton to help her get out of the locked camp so she can talk to Rick and the others. Milton, being the spineless twit that he is, immediately tattles to The Governor, who tells Milton to help her for reasons unknown. Those reasons are likely all awful. In the forest, while breaking a zombie (you know, like breaking a wild horse? Yes.), they run into Tyreese and Sasha! It’s all coming together. Tyreese and his crew head back to Woodbury (uh oh) with Milton.

Andrea arrives at the prison. Mass consternation ensues. Rick handles his old friend like she’s an unsub on Criminal Minds, and everyone else watches awkwardly. They all head inside and give her the third degree; truths come out about who shot first. Not one, not two, but three separate people share anecdotes of what The Governor will do and has done. Rick, Merle, and Andrea’s previous bosom buddy Michonne. Outside, they talk about how their actions brought them to this point. It begins to sink in Andrea’s head.

Tyreese and The Governor (who has turned his happy kissing-baby-shaking-hands switch on) discuss the prison and it’s de facto leader. They both agree that Rick is too aggressive to go on living. SMH. Little does Tyreese know that The Governor wins the warmonger prize–in spades. Tyreese and the group ask to fight, and The Governor pulls the “Oh, I couldn’t ask you for that!” act. I bet he never paid for dinner before the world ended. Also, The Governor doesn’t behead Ty’s group immediately because a) he’s busy preparing to cut off Rick’s head, and b) he wants to know what the inside of the prison looks like before he does.

As Andrea meets the baby, Carol catches Andrea up on what happened. Carol asks Andrea to pull a “Judith” with The Governor. Man, Carol…has changed. When Andrea returns, The Governor welcomes Andrea back by being creepy as all get out. They kiss, thinking about when to commit the perfect mid-coitus murder.

Rick, Herschel, and Daryl plan an attack. Lots of planning this episode. On the up side, Beth shows that prisons have great acoustics.

Back to Andrea and The Governor. In Woodbury, both partners still remain alive and in bed. What a sentence to type. Only The Governor is asleep. Andrea contemplates which side to be on, and taking Carol’s plan into consideration, she towers over The Governor…but decides against it as she lowers her dagger. Has she made her choice?

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    I was hoping Tyreese’s group wouldn’t join with The Governor, but it looks like they did. Rick’s group could definitely use some more backup, but considering what’s happened in this season so far, is Merle really the best choice for that? The Walking Dead is a great show, and because I work at DISH, I’ve stayed informed on all the products and services we offer, that’s why I purchased my new Hopper DVR. The Hopper DVR records up to six shows during primetime hours, all of them at the same time. Because so many of my favorite shows on all at once, I use this technology to help minimize DVR conflicts, so that I won’t miss episodes of The Walking Dead.