From Star Trek To The Stars

The late astronaut Robert McNair. Via

The late astronaut Ronald McNair. Via

Mae Jemison, the first black woman in space, was inspired by Nichelle Nichols’ portrayal of Lieutenant Uhura onStar Trek. But she wasn’t the only one boldly going to the final frontier. StoryCorps tells the story of Ronald McNair, the second African American in space and a casualty of the Challenger disaster in 1986. The short (captioned) video illuminates McNair’s inquisitive beginnings in the segregated American South, his teen years, and the realization of his dream.


  • AndreaPlaid

    Thanks for the catch, everyone. It’s corrected in the text!

  • Africameleon

    His name was Dr. Ronald E. McNair, not “Robert.”

  • EinSC

    It’s Ronald McNair, not Robert.