No Lie: Don Cheadle, The Lone PoC Golden Globe Winner

The only person of color to score a win at last night’s Golden Globe Awards was probably also the biggest upset: Don Cheadle won Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his starring turn in House Of Lies, over nominees from the likes of 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory, and critical darling Louis C.K., among others.

He also handled the awkward task of following Quentin Tarantino in addressing the press corps backstage, in which Tarantino dropped an n-bomb to defend it appearing so much in Django Unchained, which netted him the Best Screenplay (Motion Picture) award.

Congrats to Cheadle, of course, but still…the only winner of color? Hollywood stays losing.

  • Ishtari23

    I’m glad Don Cheadle won! He’s an amazing actor! I hope that Don Cheadle is able to make more films, including directing, in the future. He’s so talented!

    As for Quentin Tarantino, I love all his films, including Django Unchained! But someone needs to tell him that he’s not Black, he doesn’t get a pass either, he doesn’t get to say the n-word.

  • dbarefoot

    The explanation for this is that the Golden Globes are selected by 93 people who comprise the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Most of them aren’t really working journalists, and, oddly, are required to have a residence in southern California.

    I bet that if you looked at who comprised that list, you wouldn’t find many people of colour on it. More importantly, I expect those 93 people are highly influenced by the studios, who presumably weren’t promoting people of colour.