• LeilaM12

    I didn’t know where else to give you the heads up (although you’ve likely already seen it):
    TLC (the Not-learning channel) is rolling out another ‘reality’ show on how women are all catty spiteful b#tches and Black women are even cattier… This one is called “The Sisterhood”, is filmed in Atlanta and features five “Preachers Wives” (well, I guess all sports were taken…), four of which are Black. One is White and a pastor herself (DeLana Rutherford), one is a Black Latina (Christina Murray) from the Dominican Republic and another one is in an interracial marriage with a man who converted from Judaism to Evangelical Christianity (Tara and Brian Lewis).

    Here their bios:

    And here the first clip:

  • Ruchama

    Cher did have a song called “Half Breed.” Was the song in The New Normal a different song with the same title?

  • Beth_in_Mpls

    Cher actually wrote a song called “Half-Breed” and even titled her album with that name. She’s performed it relatively recently (2002), if this Wikipedia article is to be believed:

    So I would assume the character Shania sang Cher’s actual song. This is not to say that your criticism of The New Normal isn’t valid. (I’ve never seen the show; it sounds terrible.) And if Shania claimed it was her original song, of course, that just points out another problem with her character—although perhaps the writers meant to show that stealing someone’s work is wrong. Or maybe I’m giving them too much credit.

  • LeilaM12

    THANK YOU SO MUCH about writing about the new Jeff Davis racefail. This was bothering me so much yesterday.

  • Greg_G

    Just to be clear, when you say that Shania sings an original song in The New Normal, are you interpreting it to be a song written by the character? The song Half-Breed was actually a #1 hit for Cher back in the seventies, from her album of the same name.


    • JosephLamour

      I’ve clarified. Thanks for pointing that out guys!