The Walking Dead Roundtable 3.6: “Hounded”

Hosted By Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joseph Lamour

In this week’s Walking Dead, we see Michonne proving why she’s so badass, yet again; we are reminded why Merle is oh so creepy; and we are shown, yet again, that Andrea is not thinking clearly enough in a world where people drag around dead bodies on leashes, keep their decaying loved ones in barns, and men shoot their best friends in the face to protect them from everyone. Carly Mitchell, Kiki Smith, and Jeannie Chan join me to analyze the whos, whats, and whys of this zombie world we see this week.

*I’ll let River Song say what we don’t want in the comments this time:

Michonne, or Ed Gein?

Carly: Looks like we’re starting with some Blair Witch Project stuff here.

Joe: Seriously. Did Jeffrey Dahmer somehow come back from the dead?

Carly: Look, it’s been exciting having Michonne on the show just because she’s new, but it’ll be a much happier day for me when they give us a reason to like her. There’s gotta be one; she can’t just be the angry/silent/violent weapon of mass destruction we’ve seen so far.

Kiki: I am certainly getting tired of her broody attitude. I’m sure they are building up her character and all, especially for those of us (like me) that have not read the novels. But this “biter-gram” just took it to another level. Also, is anyone else shocked that she so nonchalantly whacked off one of Merle’s group’s heads off without hesitation?

Joe: You know, Kiki, I kept shouting “A human being! She beheaded a human being!”

Kiki: Right. Now she moved on from zombie killing to people killing?

Jeannie: Her “biter-gram” seemed a step too far for me. It’s just one notch below Ultimate Zombie Fight Club (what are we calling these fights again?) on the scale of things I feel living people should not do to the bodies of the once-living…

Joe: I remarked to Kiki as we watched together (because she’s in town for Thanksgiving–WOO!) that it really seemed like something a serial killer would do. Which, technically, Rick, Shane, and Michonne all actually are at this point (thank you Criminal Minds for pointing out that you don’t need to be a sociopath to be one) I know we’re in a different world now, but seriously. Spelling things out with corpses is never something that likens you to a character. Even though what she spelled out was pretty hilarious.

Jeannie: It was pretty clever! I LOLed in spite of myself, NGL.

Joe: I feel like Michonne would have gone for Merle first. That’s a very TV show thing to do, have the most popular actor somehow survive something despite all reason. I know we’re watching a TV show, but it takes me out of it a little bit whenever that happens.

Carly: After watching a piece on the news show Sunday morning covering General Patton and the incident where he slapped a soldier for having combat fatigue, this scene with Merle is a page straight out of the Abusive And Demanding General playbook.

When a Stranger Calls; Or, The Girl Who Would Go First In The Hunger Games

Jeannie: Is it just me or does this lady on the phone sound like Amy? I’m not entirely sure this phone conversation that Rick’s having exists outside of his own head…dude is clearly suffering a huge break from reality after Lori died. Yeesh. This episode is gonna be a scary bummer…

Kiki: So, about this phone call. Is anyone else wondering how that phone is working (if it actually is and not a hallucination)? I mean back in the day, the phones were separate lines from the power lines. So having a generator wouldn’t make a phone magically work. Also, what phone line is functioning months after the zombie apocalypse has started when Rick couldn’t even make contact on a radio (which are always the last devices to go)??

Carly: Why does the one girl we’ve seen on wall duty have to be really, really terrible at her job.

Kiki: Yeah seriously and even worse her whole “I got this–I’m like Katniss Everdeen” attitude about it.

Joe: “I’m just like Hawkeye!” :: shoots arrow which wobbles and completely misses target ::

“Ew” Must Be The Most Common Word Spoken In America From 9PM-10PM On Sundays

Jeannie: Yay, Hershel to the emotional rescue! I think that after all the drama that has gone down since last season, Rick would have needed someone to validate his efforts to protect the group anyway. And now that Lori’s gone…

Joe: Of all the people to survive something, the dude who got his leg hacked off with a dirty axe lives! Honestly.

Carly: Holy pouring intestines!

Jeannie: Ewwwwwww.

Joe: Kiki can attest to this…I slid off the couch in disgust. I actually physically couldn’t handle it. LOL.

Kiki: He slid off the couch, rolled onto the floor, making exclamations at how nasty that was to be exact, haha. Can’t say that I wasn’t making a scene about it, either. ::shuddering:: remembering that scene.

Joe: Just…the noise it made. Why. Anyway…

Jeannie: Yay for Daryl coming to Carl’s emotional rescue! (We will not speak of the above again.) Or at least, he’s trying to. This poor kid.. and also, poor baby Daryl! His childhood is shaping up to a rough one..

Kiki: I’m so glad that scene happened! Was beginning to wonder how this kid was going to keep it together without so much as having someone to have that conversation with him.

Carly: I think the Governor is my favorite part of the show right now. I have no clue what the heck is happening in his town; I appreciate the uncomfortable relationship with Andrea, and he’s just so…sneaky? Hey, maybe there’s a real good reason for that slash-filled notebook after all.

Joe: I’m pretty sure the reason is that his grief has overtaken him. But he is also my favorite part of the show right now. I’m sure he’s going to do something horrible to a character I enjoy at some point, him being the Big Bad and all, but–for now–he’s the one to watch.

Kiki: He’s definitely on the sneaky side. And I’m not sure if he’s really into Andrea or just trying to get something out of her…like trust? He might be coming off as completely likeable (and not so bad-looking for an older gentleman,) but I feel like this is just the quiet before the storm. What happens when Andrea sees the heads in cases–some of which are just people and not zombies?

Carly: Also, they would’ve been getting onto some interesting and shaky ground commenting on the acceptability of the brutality of those fighting men and walkers when America loves its boxing and blood sports.

Joe: You’ve shone a light on my hypocrisy, Carly. I at once thought what they were doing was barbaric, and yet I’m an occasional MMA fan.

Jeannie: I’m sorry. I know it’s not possible that the writers were inspired by the Comedy Central parody, but… LOL. After the line of zombies just strolled by Michonne without a second glance, what am I supposed to believe?!

Kiki: HAHAHAHA. Oh man. The thought crossed my mind as well.

Joe: LOL, Jeannie. Also, how did curly-haired dude go from frightened and shellshocked to bloodthirsty in like no seconds flat? Aaaand now he’s dead. Well, nevermind…guess it doesn’t matter. I thought he was getting infected with Rage.

Rick’s Catharsis

Carly: How do they know your name? Because the call is coming from inside the house!!!! Bum bum bummmm!

Joe: Couldn’t get more inside the house than one’s subconscious, non?

Jeannie: Okay, it’s more than obvious now that the phone = Rick’s mind telling him to snap out of this state and deal with the reality of Lori’s death. Yes, Rick, please talk to someone about what you’re thinking and feeling because you are starting to alarm me.

Joe: Yeah, Ken mentioned last week that Rick wasn’t having much of a reaction to his wife’s passing, so seeing that was a deliberate choice by the writers and Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) is a good sign for the future of character development on this show. Now, do Michonne. I have a sneaking suspicion, though, that the first call (and maybe call 2 of 3) may have been real.

Kiki: I wanted to believe that Joe, about the first two phone calls. But. Again. How. Are. The. Phones. WORKING??!

Joe: The same person who’s been cutting the grass during a zombie apocalypse is manning the Atlanta call center. Things have to get done, Kiki.

Jeannie: I want to (gratuitously) point out (again) that I am loving the fact that Glenn is getting so much screen time and totally having way more sex than any other guy on the show. Woohoo! Well, out of the original Losties anyway.

Joe: Losties?! Smooth move, Ex-lax. Let’s call em…I dunno…it’s late and I’ve had too much ice cream…

Jeannie: I mean, the original…Walkies…? You know what I mean!

WTF Every Character?

Carly: Merle! Come on! Also this is exactly the moment I want Michonne to come up and convince me that she is fighting the good fight. Dispose of Merle and save the baby!

Joe: Seriously, I was half-expecting a stealth move up to him. Although I guess with all that stuff on her he could smell her coming. But like…there were so many opportunities to kill Merle this episode and no one has! Like…everyone is a good shot these days. Even Carl. Shoot him in the head, Glenn! Behead him, Michonne! Sigh.

Kiki: I was hoping she’d save the day, and they would find out Andrea’s alive… but I guess that would make things too easy.

Carly: That being said, how awful is it that the one prisoner left and Michonne are both in positions of having to prove their ‘goodness.’ Can’t they just be generous, helpful characters without being forced?

Joe: Very good point, Carly. Although Rick’s group has seemed to accept Oscar (Vincent M. Ward) pretty easily. Maybe because they missed seeing T-Dog’s face in the group at times. OMG, is this guy a rebound black character for us?!

Kiki: Totally called that one, Joe! He’s pretty much taking on T-Dog’s role. I guess they can’t have two main burly PoC characters. What the what.

Joe: No offense to IronE Singleton, but this actor is more Hollywood-hot too, so I’m thinking he and Michonne are going to canoodle at some point. Because when you have two minorities or two gays that probably have nothing in common (I’m looking at you Russel and Steve). you put them together ’cause that makes sense.

P.S.: This is completely random, but Google has “Katniss” in their default dictionary, but not “gays” (they suggested, “guys.”) What’s up with that?!

Like, When Sophia Went Missing, With Less Growling At The End Of The Search

Jeannie: Hey, that’s Carol’s knife! Yay! Maybe she’s not dead! (Also, blood spurt–eww.)

Joe: This entire episode when anything strange happens, I’m like “It’s Carol!” I thought the phone calls were from her (I was wrong) I thought that Michonne would run into her somewhere for some odd reason (I was wrong, and that doesn’t even really make sense.)

Jeannie: Oh, Rick…you can only carry the weight of the world on your shoulders for so long before you break…ugh, this is heartbreaking.

Carly: Poor Rick.

Joe: Good for Andrew Lincoln, though. Can we say Emmy nom for that scene? That was really beautifully acted. I’m taking people out of the plot with that comment aren’t I…sorry. LOL.

Jeannie: Aw man, Merle brought Glen and Maggie to Woodbury? If I pray to the TV gods to let them live and return to the group before too long, will that be jinxing it?

Kiki: Maybe, just maybe since the Governor likes Andrea…he’ll let them live? That might be asking too much.

Joe: I don’t know this for a fact, (i.e. complete and utter guess,) but Glenn is entirely too happy this season, so I imagine Maggie won’t make it out of the compound, just to make everyone at home angry for Glenn.

Kiki: Don’t hope that way! Although you make a good point. Once they make you like a character a lot…they pull them right out just as quickly.

Carly: Carol! Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!

Jeannie: Yay! She’s not dead!

Kiki: Yes!!

Joe: Hooray! I was going to be annoyed if they found her dead, her now being the sassy Jamie Lee Curtis (right?!) of the group. Daryl and Carol are so gonna neck in the next episode.

Kiki: Okay, so I know that Daryl and Carol (ugh their names rhyme) are probably going to get together, but there is just something weird about that. She was acting as a mother figure for so long…I can’t get past that. But I know they are good for each other but, but, but….maybe it’ll grow on us?

Joe: I love that it rhymes! LOL. I’m the only one in America hoping that these two are gonna get together, huhn.

Carly: Side note: still don’t feel the chemistry between them. And yay Michonne! Baby savior, indeed.

Jeannie: I feel it, but I don’t wanna.

Post Un-Mortem

Kiki: Hooray Michone for saving the day for the baby! Although, I hope they let her in?

Joe: That gun Rick has there makes it seem like there will be a little conflict at first.

Kiki: We’ll see next week!!

Joe: Same zombie hour! Same zombie channel!

Michonne Beheading Count: 1. And no zombies factor into that…

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  • Montclair Mommy

    I had the complete opposite reaction to Michone beheading that guy! I was all for it—I mean, they were tracking her down to kill her and its clear that she sensed that, right? I mean, she’s like a jedi or something. Anyway, I really wanted her to mow them all down, zombies or not! And it just goes to show you that this show (and all of my apocalypse reading as of late) has been warping me because I thought nothing of the biter gram except a passing “Huh. Clever.” How sad.

    And I seriously just want to know how they are planning on keeping this baby quiet and fed without a reliable source of clean water to mix with all this powdered formula. HOW are they planning on keeping this baby alive?? Its just silly.

    Joe, you are not the only want that wants to see Daryl and Carol together. I never got that much of a mom vibe from Daryl and I kind of already assumed that they were ‘doin it’ in that first episode. It seemed like the going down joke was not really a joke and that they were hooking it up…no one else got that impression? Weird.