Open Thread: 2012 Elections

Can he get an encore?

Via @BarackObama

Yes he (and his First Lady) can.

Today we have a more diverse Senate, more people have the ability to marry in four states, and efforts to stop communities of color from voting only got more of them out to the polls.

And Michele Bachmann, Alan West, and Donald Trump (more than anybody) had a rough night.

There’s a lot of work left to do for all of us, no doubt. But let’s start with your thoughts on Tuesday night’s proceedings. And if you missed the president’s re-election speech, check it out below.

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  • Julie S

    I worked my ass off trying to send Michele Bachmann home. While Jim Graves wasn’t a perfect candidate, he would have been a vast improvement over Bachmann. The wack-a-doodle caucus isn’t dead yet, but I’m hoping the drubbing she has taken in the press will have taught her some humility and she won’t be so divisive in the future.

    On the good side…Minnesota defeated both the (anti-gay) Marriage amendment and the Voter ID amendment!

  • Michelle Kirkwood

    Hey, I’m just glad he and his family are back in the White House! Woop,woop—celebrating here in the D!

  • Anonymous

    Thoughts? I’m depressed… as an Obama supporter- hear me out! While this is great, I still have no idea how anyone ever can get done with this Congress. Other than anti-climate, anti-environment, anti-women and anti-immigrant stuff. And there are the drones in Pakistan… and declining wages:×199.jpg
    (from Socimages, orignally Wall Street Journal)

  • Anonymous

    Celebrating in South Carolina!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Celebrating in South Carolina!!!!!!!!