Angry (At The) Asian(-American) Man: Racists Assail Congressional Candidate

By Arturo R. García

Lest you think the presidential election gets all the racism this year, the race for California’s 39th Congressional District seat has been marked by some truly virulent stuff, as you can see in the clip above.

As OC Weekly notes, Jay Chen is a Harvard-educated Asian-American, a former school board president and former U.S. Naval Reserve officer. But as you might imagine, that’s “not American enough” for at least some morons claiming to support his Republican opponent, incumbent Congressman Ed Royce.

Chen’s office has been besieged by angry calls and emails, which, as Chen told KTLA-TV, “went through the entire dictionary of slurs and used every single one.” Perhaps the most brazen came from a former local lawyer, who actually signed his stupidity:

Fuck off, chink. I’d never vote for a slant-eyed gook. Asians are trying to take over out [sic] country, so why would I want to vote for a slope. Fuck off and die. I hope you get cancer of the eyes and testicles. Leave me alone. Thank you, Anthony Kassas. Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse any typos.

Well, hey, at least he was apologetic about the typos.

Kassas was disbarred after being caught running a mortgage scam. However, he refused to talk about the email to the paper.

Meanwhile, Royce has released ads painting the super PAC backing Chen, which is run by his brother, as being something out of the original version of the Red Dawn remake, and publicly speculating that Chen is making the whole thing up.

So, if any of our readers know anyone in the Fullerton area, please do show them this story, or remind them of what’s going on in their district. And ask them: is a person who won’t even condemn these kinds of actions fit to represent their community in Congress?

[h/t Angry Asian Man]

  • Elizabeth MB Downs

    Racism is getting uglier and the racists more desperate.

  • Leilanea

    That is truly awful. I liked the old couple who back Royce (Chen’s opponent) and condemned the racism, stating that it should be about a politician’s record and work for the community and not his/her race. And then the exact politician they back destroyed it by saying that Chen is basically inventing the racism in order to gain votes. Gross.