The Walking Dead 3.2: “Sick”

Hosted By Fashion and Entertainment Editor Joe Lamour

Last week, we welcomed back The Walking Dead with a chorus of Hurray’s, Whoa’s and Ew’s. Our newly assembled roundtable covered the highs (Michonne and all the beheading;), the lows (Lori, of course. An axe to the shin came in a close second;) and usual stuff we’ve all come to expect: the usual lack of dialogue for T-Dog. Jeannie and I could only recall a single word, and some noises (“Woo!”). On Monday, I postulated that he’s given lines anyone could say. Let’s see if this episode is any different. Jeannie Chan & Carly Louise Mitchell join me in discussion this week.

We ask that you keep the spoilery spoiler-ness to a minimum in the comments, even though there are some episode-related ones under the cut.

Pre Un-Mortem

Liz: Question about previous episodes: does anyone remember the last scene of the final episode last season of the prison? There was something like helicopters or something hovering about it? (or am I making sh*t up?)…no explanation?

Carly: They preview the helicopter in scenes from the rest of the season when they teased it at the end of the first episode so, yes, it happened and, yes, it will happen again.

Jeannie: I definitely remembered seeing helicopters at the end of last season and thought I might have hallucinated that bit given the complete lack of explanation of that so far. But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen helicopters fly by. (Rick was chasing one on horse when he first got to Atlanta. That poor horse…)

T-Dog: Unsung Hero

Joe: So, I got on a tear after the first episode, as you all saw–knowing what I know now after looking closely at why Jeannie, and I could have missed whole chunks of T-Dog speaking, I will be absolutely shocked and amazed if T-Dog actually says something that only his character could say. That is, before he he is eaten by zombies….now that Michonne is here to replace him.

Jeannie: And that’s just the thing that grates my cheese. There isn’t anything that only he can say. We know nothing about his character. Besides spouting off one-liners in reaction to something somebody else says which, like you said, could easily have been said by someone else, I honestly don’t know how T-Dog would typically react to most situations or how he vibes with the other characters. The most significant interaction he may have had was with Merle on that roof, and that was basically the most stereotypical exchange between a black man and redneck racist there ever was.

It makes me wonder, how is IronE Singleton reacting when he gets his pages? (Is his name pronounced “irony”? Because if it is, then that’s just…amazeballs.)

Carly: Is he in the comics? Does his role in the comics differ greatly from the show?

Joe: He isn’t in the comics, just TV. Why create a character if you aren’t going to flesh out into a real human? His name might as well be “Black Extra 1.” Although, I guess you wouldn’t need the number.

Carly: Agreed. And with so many people being killed off on a regular basis–race issues aside–what a stupid way to use a character. He especially, because he’s survived so long, should be given some sort of depth and reason for being when so many people are falling right and left.

Jeannie: Seriously, why keep him alive for so long if he’s not going to be an integral part of the show? Does that mean he’s going to die soon? Does that mean he’s going to outlive everyone? Was that the trick all along?

Carly: Well. Of course we’re introducing our characters of color via roles as prisoners.

Jeannie: And of course, two of them die before the episode is over. It’s like they were never there!

Joe: Three. Hot zombie thrower guy Tomas (Nick Gomez) is/was Latino.

Ken: Whoa! This episode kicks off with a bang…

Joe: LOL they just left his leg there. I’m not sure why I find that funny.

Carly: So, I’m not really a fan of Maggie, and I’m not sure why. Is she the new Lori?

Jeannie: I’m trying to think of a strong, likable woman on this show…aaannnd I can’t. I suppose Carol has annoyed me the least and actually has shown quite a bit of gumption in this season so far. (Can I get away with using the word gumption?)

Joe: You harbor odd reasons for disliking people IMHO. Lori: totally warranted… she’s the worst. Jessica Brody from Homeland: give her a break, she’s married to a terrorist.

Carly: …who is also a lying cheater who didn’t come clean until her hand was forced. And a bad parent for putting her daughter in the middle for it. Can’t talk me out of that one sir.

What’s More Dangerous? Prisoners, Or Lori’s Opinion of Herself?

Carly: Speaking of Lori…good grief, she is like the executioner. ‘Hey Rick, just saying, if you think you need to kill people, I personally think that’s prolly okay.’ So let’s just add the prisoners to his Lori-approved hit list.

Joe: Lori… needs to calm the f*ck down! Seriously! This is how supremacy starts to bleed into a group. To date, this group has probably killed more people than all those prisoners combined.

Jeannie: LOVE Rick for being, like, “Oh you say that now. Everyone knows you’re a hypocrite, Lori! Ugh, just shut up.” But on another note, is anyone thinking about Dale right now? (By anyone, I mean us at the roundtable, but I guess the survivors, too.) There is basically no hesitation, no question about killing another human being now. And I get it. The world has changed; they can’t afford to debate this; they need to survive, etc. But at some point, someone has to be thinking about Dale and his last words and how Rick had said they were going to honor him… right? I’m really interested in seeing that scene, if it ever gets shot.

Joe: Oh Carl. Petulant child with a gun. Kids make no sense to me. If I ever have one, I most likely will revert to logic like Lori did. “See this man here with no leg? He had people with him, you silly kid! WTF!?” Only to have him tell me to STFU, only to have me give him up for adoption. Also…I’ve realised that I hate the entire Grimes family. I really do. Surely they weren’t this unlikable in the graphic novel?

Joe: Regarding Rick and Lori’s chat: Maybe there’s nothing to talk about anymore, Lori, because we already know everything about you, your relationships, Shane, babies, how you suck as a wife…sigh. Where is Glenn? Maybe he can tell us something about his life.

Jeannie: Haha, seriously. Can’t Glenn and T-Dog sit down and have a heart-to-heart with each other? Glenn can elaborate on his pizza delivery days and fill in the other details, like what the deal is with wearing the baseball cap and T-Dog can tell us about…anything. Something.

Carly: …why did they not brief the prisoners before going into this? You’d think ‘how to kill a walker’ would be first on the explanation list.

Joe: They did. The prisoners just reverted back to prison life. LOL.

Joe: Jesus…this guy with the long hair.. Haha, I wasn’t calling him Jesus…I was exclaiming about the callousness, but lord. He smashed that guys head into nothing! Maybe Lori was right. Prison Jesus needs to die. He’s like Shane 2.0. Kinda sexy though, not gonna lie.

Carly: I may be calling it early, but that head-bashing may be my Too Much vote this week. Hooo, lord.

Jeannie: I thought so, too. Especially since he was still alive. Definitely overkill. This guy is definitely friggin’ crazy.

Joe: I thought the machete to the noggin was super gross, too. Very Mortal Kombat. I kind of wanted someone to shout “Finish Him!” P.S.: How are some of the prisoners clean-shaven? its been 294 days…

Jeannie: How is everybody so clean-shaven? How is everyone’s hair length still the same?

Joe: Who is cutting Carol’s hair?

Carly: LOL Mortal Kombat seems appropriate what with Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa showing up as this season’s new Takeda on Revenge. Completely random.

Joe: THAT SHOW. That’s a whole racist subplot I could do without. Sensei? Really?

Carly: Cosign on that.

Carly: And looks like Joe’s long discussion of lines was totally appropriate. T-Dog had….one line? One? Can that truly be? This is beyond ridiculous. Hard to even argue about him getting generic lines if he isn’t given anything at all.

Joe: I think it was three; The warning to the prisoners and two things that didn’t matter. And the Michonne Beheading Count is 0. She wasn’t even in this episode.

Herschel, Doesn’t Lori’s Face Look Delicious?

Joe: How do we know Herschel isn’t a zombie? He hasn’t said anything yet. I’d definitely ask him to say a word. Anything.

Jeannie: Man, how sweet would it be if Hershel ate Lori’s face?

Carly: Jeannie, you read my mind.

Carol: Harder Better Faster Stronger

Joe: “You look disgusting.” I love this Carol.

Joe: Zombie C-Section. Hell to the no. If I weren’t reviewing this, I would get a snack right now.

Jeannie: Gross, gross, gross. Completely gratuitous pan on the dead lady walker. I do not need to see zombie panties.

Joe: Zombie Panties: Best name for a band ever?

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  • Tiffany Gholar

    *This comment and a link contained in it contain spoilers.

    I noticed the same issue with Michonne this week as with T-Dog. Even the writer of this review of this week’s show pointed it out when he said “For some reason, we see this from the perspective of the nearly unconscious woman and not the suspicious and alert one” about a scene near the beginning of the episode involving Andrea and Michonne. Guess who was unconscious and who wasn’t.

  • Tiffany Gholar

    *This comment and a link contained in it contain spoilers.

    I noticed the same issue with Michonne this week as with T-Dog. Even the writer of this review of this week’s show pointed it out when he said “For some reason, we see this from the perspective of the nearly unconscious woman and not the suspicious and alert one” about a scene near the beginning of the episode involving Andrea and Michonne. Guess who was unconscious and who wasn’t.

  • Tiffany Gholar

    *This comment and a link contained in it contain spoilers.

    I noticed the same issue with Michonne this week as with T-Dog. Even the writer of this review of this week’s show pointed it out when he said “For some reason, we see this from the perspective of the nearly unconscious woman and not the suspicious and alert one” about a scene near the beginning of the episode involving Andrea and Michonne. Guess who was unconscious and who wasn’t.

  • Michelle Kirkwood

    I attended this open to the public lecture at a college a few weeks ago where the main topic was an interesting one—a look at how race plays out in the zombie movie genre in particular—there was a run-through of the history of/depiction of zombies in the movies, as well as the real-life legends that started it,and their African roots. This lecture was given by a professor who had written a paper on it. The actual full title of the lecture was “Racialized and Raceless:Visions of Race After Death in Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Worlds” and the movies focused on were LAND OF THE DEAD (which I enjoyed,due to its grittiness, and its 99-percent-rising-up-against-the-1% theme,even though it was made pre-Occupy movement) and how the portrayal of the voodoo religion itself was demonized in Hollywood films–THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW was given as an example of that ( I’ve never actually seen that one,for some reason). and THE BELIEVERS. Surprisingly, THE WALKING DEAD wasn’t mentioned that much,but I was about 10 min.late, so I could have missed a discussion about it. I asked about JUAN OF THE DEAD, which,as it turned out, the professor liked and recommended to other zombie-loving film fan like myself. Really fun lecture which covered a good amount of ground.,

  • Osvaldo Oyola

    I agree that T-Dog is vastly under-utilized in this show. My new thing is asking fellow fans of the show to tell me one thing about T-Dog’s life before the Zombie Apocalypse. Just. One. Thing. You can’t? Seems like neither can the writers.

    Aside from the rooftop interaction with Merle, the only other moment he’s had that counts as interesting was his fevered paranoia with Dale out on the highway while the others were heading to farm (early in season 2), when he say something like that they’ve been left behind because they’re the “weak ones.” Too bad that just ended up being delirium, would have been cool to have that have been a feverish expression of something T-Dog is really feeling about being an outsider in a group of white folks (save for Glenn).

  • Christian Berntsen

    To answer the question regarding whether or not the Grimes family were as unlikeable in the comics [and possible spoilers for the comics coming], Lori is just as horrible–maybe more so, Rick I go back and forth with on the matter, and Carl’s messed up in a different way (at least the way I read it). Also, with the prison storyline in general it looks like they’ve abandoned an LGBT thread between two of the prisoners, since when they got there they found four (not five like on the show) and killed none of them–well, right away, at least. Tensions were high between the two groups for a while before anything went down. They are also probably abandoning another plotline regarding a serial killer among the prisoners, although I found that thread less interesting than the LGBT one. I like both versions, but as they move forward they diverge away from one another more. It’s interesting to note what they do and don’t keep, and what they add (like T-Dog, who as you’ve noted doesn’t add much when they could’ve kept Tyrone, who did).

  • Anonymous

    TDog finally had a line…and it was helpful…*sigh*